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FOSS4G is the global and annual conference hosted by OSGeo in venues all around the globe. It attracts the best Open Source geospatial software projects and their developers making it the gathering of the tribes. FOSS4G addresses the needs of users and developers alike and this year intends to also bridge the gap between the suits and the geeks by explaining how the business models can be used to address the needs of small and large organizations alike.


FOSS4G 2010 will be visiting Europe again after visits in Canada, South Africa and Australia. The date and the place are:

Monday 6th through Thursday 9th of September, 2010
Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a great place to stay, famous for its architecture, mild climate, Mediterranean history, place of the Olympic Games in 1992 and full of attractions for all kinds of visitors. With FOSS4G now even for geospatial geeks.

Congress venue

Fira Montjuic:

Workshops venue

Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona, UPC Campus Nord:

Codesprint venue

CitiLab Cornellà:


Press Releases

Community Releases



Do you want to help?!? thanks!

first of all please subscribe to the public mailing list:

There's a lot of things to do:

  • Compare FOSS4G 2009 wiki page with this page and help filing the contents. Ask in the Mailing List if you have doubts.
  • help reviewing the official web page contents, English is not our mother tongue and other errors can come out.
  • Promote! this event is mostly known through friends and colleagues, help us promoting to your favorite mailing lists and buddies.

Barcelona volunteer community


notes on web search

somebody calls this conference FOSS4Geo, please refer to our FOSS4G official web site.