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About the Italian OSGeo Chapter and

The Italian OSGeo Local Chapter was formally accepted by the OSGeo Board of Directors at the September 7, 2007 meeting.

The Italian OSGeo Local Chapter is based on the existing association "Associazione Italiana per l'Informazione Geografica Libera (". was founded by the Italian GFOSS community during the 8th GRASS e GFOSS (Palermo, February 14-16, 2007) annual meeting. The Italian community includes many professional, university and government members with long national and international experience in the field of the Geomatics and Free and Open Source Software.

The objectives of the are:

  • Promote the development, the diffusion and the protection of Free and Open Source Software for geo-informatics.
  • Promote Open Standards for geo-informatics and the free access to geographic data.
  • Promote contact among developers and users within the community and between the community and external bodies.
  • Foster and coordinate the translation, localization and internationalization of software and documentation for geo-informatics.
  • Promote relationships with other national and international associations, and with government agencies and private companies.

Annual reports

Italian chapter mission

Italian Local Chapter mission is to respect OSGeo Guidelines on local chapters and continue supporting all Italian Community contributions to FOSS GIS community. Main goal is that of the OSGeo foundation: to encourage the use and collaborative development of community-led projects.

Italian community contributions and resources

This part shows the Italian community contributions on the web:



Past Events

Future Events

  • FOSS4G 2022, 22-26 August, Florence, Italy


Regular meetings of the association Steering Board are held by IRC channel.

The annual meeting of the is held within the Annual GRASS GFOSS Italian user conference.

Italian OSGeo Chapter Officers

Italian OSGeo Representative Steering Board (Consiglio direttivo)

Address: Via G. Bovio 4, Prato

E-mail: info at gfoss dot it

Members of current Board of Counsellors:

Italian OSGeo Chapter Coordinators

A delegate of the association is elected by the Board for each mandate.

The current "liason officer" role is covered by TBD.

In general: the liaison officer/s can be reached through the address: osgeo_liaison_officer (at)

Founder Charter member

numero tessera Nome Cognome
1 Maria Antonia Brovelli
2 Massimiliano Cannata
3 Paolo Cavallini
4 Marco Ciolli
5 Massimo Di Stefano
6 Alessandro Frigeri
7 Andrea Giacomelli
8 Leonardo Lami
9 Diego Magni
10 Ivan Marchesini
11 Marco Negretti
12 Markus Neteler
13 Luigi Pirelli
14 Daniele Scarselli
15 Andrea Scianna
16 Clara Tattoni
17 Emilia Venturato
18 Paolo Zatelli

2008: counts 77 associated members.----Maxi71 07:55, 11 February 2008 (EST)
2010: counts 89 associated members.----Markus Neteler 17:10, 23 December 2010 (UTC)