Geodata Homepage Draft

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Jump to navigation Jump to search has a very basic holding page right now.

This is a planning space for what the group in the Public Geospatial Data Project would like to see on its website.

Questions to consider:

  • Who the audience is
    • Experts who know what they're looking for
    • Novices who would like some guidance
    • People new to the domain who need very basic explanations of what's being provided.

How we get a website off the ground easily, and how we plan for geodata search services in the future, can feed very usefully into the Infrastructure Working Group.


Welcome to the home page of the Public Geospatial Data Committee at the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. This is a group that has come together with the following mission:

Promote the use of open geospatial formats

Run a repository of open geodata

Promote public access to state-collected geodata

Present and explain licenses for public geodata

Additional material

  • Screenshots
  • References to really interesting demos