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This is an informal Working Group established to assess OSGeo's software infrastructure needs and provisions.

This group is no longer active - see SAC.


  • Assess the OSGeo community's needs for code management and collaboration tools, particularly collecting requirements and feedback from the Incubation Committee and Website Committee
  • Offer recommendations on future development directions to the Board

Those interested in planning and running of facilities hosted at telascience - LDAP, Geodata Repository, build and test farm, demo Software Stack - should look into the System Administration Committee


Members who defected to the System Administration Committee

Meetings and discussions

  • If necessary, start a mailing list to get this off the discuss list.
  • #osgeo on for rolling discussion - if necessary, have an irc scheduled chat.


  • Infrastructure Proposal is a work-in-progress to outline what OSGeo needs to provide, both for the running of the foundation and for the software projects, in terms of online hosted services.
  • Project Infrastructure Migration is a very comprehensive overview of what tools the individual software projects are using now, both to manage their codebase and their communications.
  • Tools Spec is an attempt to write a user-oriented view of what people in different 'roles' expect to find on the site.
  • WebCom OSGeo Site Focus is a collection of site visitor use cases; when people come to the public front, what do they expect and need to find from OSGeo?
  • Geodata Repository is an overview of what metadata / archiving / redistribution facilities people have discussed wanting to offer through OSGeo
  • Software Stack is a collection of notes on what OSGeo software can be made available as a "demo stack" hosted on the telascience system.

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