Google Summer of Code 2022 Results

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Accepted Proposals

OSGeo participated in Google Summer of Code 2022 with 7 projects, of which 6 projects are successfully completed. The 6 GSoC successful contributors showcased their work at the FOSS4G 2022 conference in a special session (recordings shall be provided soon).

Successful GSoC 2022 Projects

This year OSGeo accepted 7 contributors working on the following projects:

Project Logo Community Project Student 1st mentor 2nd mentor Other Mentors Wiki page Repository
ZOO-Project ZOO-Project - Adding Cesium support within MapMint Bhupendra Solanki Aditi Sawant Gérald Fenoy Rajat Shinde
pgRouting Osgeo[Pgrouting] : Add Google OR Tools functionality in Vrprouting Manas Ashish Kumar Celia Virginia Vergara Castillo
ZOO-Project Adding Node.js support for service implementation to the ZOO-Kernel Momtchil Momtchev Rajat Shinde Gérald Fenoy Aditi Sawant GSoC 2022 Node.js for ZOO-Project
pgRouting Implementing hawick_circuits algorithm from Boost Graph Library to pgRouting Nitish Chauhan Veenit Kumar Daniel Kastl
ZOO-Project Integrating ZOO-services with QGIS Sandeepan Dhoundiyal Gérald Fenoy Aditi Sawant Rajat Shinde
pgRouting Implement Cuthill-Mckee Ordering Boost Graph Library Algorithm for pgRouting Shobhit Chaurasia Daniel Kastl Veenit Kumar