Google Summer of Code 2023 Results

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Successful GSoC 2023 Projects

OSGeo participated in Google Summer of Code 2023 with 7 projects, of which all successfully passed it:

Project Logo Community Project Student Primary mentor Secondary mentor(s) Wiki page Repository
pgRouting Implement pgr_withPointsKSP and Add Overloads Abhinav Jain Ashish Kumar Vicky Vergara
pgRouting Implementation of the pgr_ksp and adding all the overloads Aniket Agarwal Ashish Kumar Shobhit Chaurasia
pgRouting Implementing Dijkstra’s Driving distance Function and its migration Aryan Gupta Shobhit Chaurasia Regina Obe
istSOS Support basic Sensor Things Api (STA) in istSOS Filippo Finke Daniele Strigaro Massimiliano Cannata
ZOO-Project Getting ready with ZOO-Project for the OGC Compliance Testing. Koushikey Chhapariya Gérald Fenoy Aditi Sawant, Rajat Shinde
istSOS Support basic Sensor Things Api (STA) in istSOS Saail Narvekar Massimiliano Cannata Daniele Strigaro
pgRouting Improving Parameters and Standardizing Results in pgr_withPointsDD Function for pgRouting Yige Huang Regina Obe Vicky Vergara