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Incubation Status report for Q3 2013.

Incubation Committee

Low activity, projects waiting due to lack of OSGeo volunteers to act as mentor.


  • 2013 Q4 Report withdrawn due to holidays
  • Board request to tone down emphasis of SAC resources in status document and initial questionair
    • Initial attempt at combining Status Document and evaluation criteria at Project_Status_Draft.
    • Resulting document clearly marks SAC resources as optional and available on request.


The following projects are following the OSGeo Incubation process.

Relationship with OSGeo:

  • Project are expected to display the OSGeo Project in Incubation logo on their website.
  • OSGeo lists these project on the main OSGeo website.

Relationship with Incubation Committee:

  • Each project has a mentor to help answer any questions (very helpful for sensitive subjects that cannot be discussed on an open mailing list).
  • Project are expected to link from the Incubation_Committee wiki to:
    • A Provenance Review document (to confirm they are open source)
    • A Incubation Checklist document (to meet graduation requirements)
  • Incubation Committee mailing list is always available for questions and discussion

OSGeo incubation.png



  • mentor: Daniel Morissette
  • provenance review not provided
  • checklist not provided


  • mentor: Mark Lucas
  • provenance review not provided
  • checlist is at 70%

OTB Project

Update from Landon: The OTB Project continues to work through the incubation process. They should be forming a project steering committee in the next couple of months. I think we will also be doing the code review within the next few weeks.


Update from Jeff: The developers are very keen to advance through the OSGeo Incubation process.


TEAM Engine

  • mentor: Justin Deolivera



Thanks to Landon Blake for his excellent leadership in reaching out to OSGeo Incubation Lab projects.

Labs status update:

  • TBD