Marketing Meeting 2008.01.30

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Marketing Committee meeting to be held on Wednesday Jan. 30th, 2008 at 22:00 UTC on (#osgeo). IRC client (select #osgeo from the drop-down list, and type /nick YOURNAME, to set your nickname for use in the channel).

Meeting Agenda 2008.01.30

  • Role call
  • Assign scribe
  • Review previous minutes ( Previous meeting)
  • Review previous action items

New Business

  • Revisit Logo Use
  • T-shirts for WALIS Forum

Old Business


  • As per IRC logs starting at 13h00 log file time.
  • Present: Tyler, Jeroen, Arnulf, Michael Gerlek,
  • Tim Bowden and Jo Walsh joined as well for certain topics
  • Discussed logo usage
    • particularly colour options for use on shirts. Tim plans to create some blue button up shirts with logos - will look at using black for embroidery.
    • Some additional logo options will be provided in a couple weeks
  • Brief reminders about SPD improvements, Jo will provide an update to list, otherwise no particular actions identified
  • Tyler reminded others to review Marketing Budget 2008 and provide comments
  • Meeting lasted about 40 minutes