Marketing Meeting 2009.02.05

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Regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 7am UTC Please subscribe to the Marketing calendar file at Join the meeting using IRC at channel (#osgeo). You can install IRC software or use this online IRC client (select #osgeo from the drop-down list, and type /nick YOURNAME, to set your nickname for use in the channel).



  • Complete IRC logs here starting at 21:59 server time.
  • Attending: Tyler, Daniele, Alex, Brian, Miguel, Christopher, Wolf
  • Reviewed previous minutes
    • I'll note that the logo usage policy discussion didn't carry on very far in the mailing list
  • Tyler moved to adopt these minutes as official for the committee, all were in favour

Update on main projects:

  • Tyler gave recap of how/why project leads were chosen for each project
  • Events
    • We don't have a leader for this project in general - Cameron had to step down for the time being but we do have at least two people who can give reports on a particular event.
    • Alex gave update on the AAG event.
      • the booth fee doesn't include power or tables - that's gonna cost $150
      • It does include 2 entrance fees to the conference, but not presenters which all of our volunteers are so we have 2 tickets if anyone wants to volunteer for the booth
      • Some union rule about only fulltime employess being allowed to do table setup
      • We need the full list of booth volunteers before march so we can get their badges setup
    • Cameron wasn't able to attend. Report on FOSS4G skipped.
      • Looking for anyone to volunteer to help manage OSGeo's booth at FOSS4G
    • Brian mentioned the Toronto Code Sprint that many will attend next month (March 7-10)
    • Miguel talked about the Girona, Spain event 3rd meeting of Open Source Days, first week of March.
      • Stallman will be speaking this year, OSGeo-es group will be helping/involved too, could use promotional material to hand out
    • Wolf mentioned that there is a Finnish event April 21st that he and Ari will be at. Ari is helping organise it.
  • Tyler explained current progress of Marketing Material Development.
    • Jeroen and Tyler getting quotes for contract work to develop layout, design for various types of material
    • Alex described current state of Exhibition Pack project
      • Much is waiting on the Material Development
      • He has been looking at more quotes on the banner and table throw
      • Will pull together the specs and options and will mail out to see if other people have sources
    • Daniele introduced current state of Web site design project and general discussion continued...
      • Yhis feeds into or out of the Material development side of things in a way too..since we'll have templates etc for digital documents which could be used for web site too.
      • We are currently at the begining of the website design review. Daniele would like if possible some more thoughts from all about What can be improved.
      • The next task is to make an "Inventory of OSGeo Website Assets", this means to list the content of the website that is valuable and should be a) More accessable to users; b) In no circumstances be lost or deleted; c) that drive people to OSGeo's website, etc.
      • For the webcom and marketingcom, please share ideas on the wiki:
      • Having a dump of our current site map would help show what we have already for content
      • General agreement that almost all content on current is worth keeping, though maybe just not in same location or on same site
      • But instead taking a subset of that content, promoting it to a higher level, and moving other things to somewhere that isn't the 'home'
      • Chris: three pieces of core information: * What is OSGeo, * What are the OSGeo Projects, * How is using an OSGeo project giong to help me
      • Tyler: I think all the use cases / targets have been identified - at least initially.. across several threads and wiki pages. Summarised here and another really simple rough rough rough diagram of how the three categories of visitor could be addressed here - thought process background is here
  • Wolf described approach for 2009 Google Summer of Code
    • Google has announced SoC 2009 will run, but at a reduced scale. That means we need to impress Google even more to be accepted as a mentor, but our trackrecord is quite good.
    • Last year: We had 20 students, and 15 completed, some are still around as developers on OSGeo projects
    • One of the goals of SoC is to bring in new developers, so we need to target some Geoinformatics students, also we need to think of a way to attract students. A poster in universities should be good, can be distributed at AAG event. Also could contact educators on our edu list.
    • OSGeo earned $10,000 from it last year as the mentoring org.
    • If you want to be involved, sign up to the SoC list and say hi
    • Volunteer to make a poster? The info is in the Wiki: here is the starting page (I'll redirect it to the 2009 page once it's done) Google Summer of Code. The flyer for 2008:
  • Next meeting is first Thursday in March
  • Meeting adjorned 08h35 UTC