Marketing Meeting 2010.05.13

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This normal meeting is Thursday May 13th 07h00 UTC (late Wednesday 12th in some regions).


Update on main projects:

  1. LiveDVD project
    1. Comments on (Cameron)
  2. Marketing Pipeline
  3. Website concepts
  4. OSGeo Labs
  5. Events
    1. AAG 2010
    2. FIG, International Federation of Surveyors, Sydney, Australia. 11-16 April. OSGeo Booth + OS Presentation (Cameron)
    3. OSGIS Nottingham June (Tyler)
    4. CGS 2010 May (Alex)
    5. ACM Sigspatial 2010 Nov (Alex)
    6. What else are you going to...
  6. Marketing Material Samples (Tyler)
  7. Exhibition Pack (Alex/Tyler)
    1. Producing a sponsorship invitation for exhibit packs? (Tyler)
  8. Other...
  9. Review time/date for next meeting
    1. Suggested time to change to GMT 20,21, or 22 (21 is 14-17 US, 7 Sydney, 11pm Rome) or at least 1 hour earlier from current time.


Complete discussion logs here, meeting was only in IRC: here and here [1]

Action Summary