Marketing Meeting 2012-04-17

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The next Marketing meeeting takes place on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 20:30:00 UTC time.

For more info on joining the meeting see Marketing Meetings page.


  1. Kickstart (Board action from February)
  2. Current list of active voting members
  3. Funding for Local Chapter Exhibition Starter Pack (request from
    1. MOTION: ... see mails
  4. Events
    1. FOSS4G CEE (Czech Republic) ?
    2. AGIT, Austria. Friday is OSGeo day, free booth together with OSM throughtout the week (Arnulf)
    3. FOSS4G 2012 ???
  5. Website migration
  6. New chair
  7. Marketing and Communication?
  8. Ambassador role (Arnulf explains)


  • Interim meeting chair: Arnulf
  • Detailed discussion IRC logs
  • Attending: Arnulf, Jeroen, Alex Mandel, Brian Hamlin, Jo Cook

Summary Actions