SAC Meeting 2017-11-23

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Please list the meeting topics, and link to relevant SAC tickets when possible. Meeting will be for assigning tasks, updating status, and voting. Majority of discussions should happen on the mailing list and IRC in before and after meetings. Estimated 30-60 minutes.

Time and Date: UTC: Thursday, Nov 23, 2017 at 8:00 pm



Sandro Santilli (strk)

Regina Obe (robe2)

Vicky Vergara (cvvergara)

Jeff Mckenna (jmkenna)

Juergen E. Fischer (jef)


Note most are continuations from last meeting

  • New Website status report - in particular go over sign-off items
  • Sys Admin Contract
    • Request sent to Treasurer, will follow up on status. (Alex)
  • OSGeoLive trac splitting from OSGeo trac (We need to create a trac instance. Brian said he can load the data) **DONE see** Drone and Gitea upgrade status: Regina and Sandro to report
  • GitLab Status report - Bjorn to report
  • Migration off old hard-ware
  • GeoForAll DNS - They've requested a DNS ownership transfer to OSGeo. Who wants to coordinate?
  • Budget
    • Proposed SAC:Budget was submitted to Board. Should be revised and voted on.
  • Road ahead?
    • Inviting more Contributors
      • Suggestion: soliciting contributions from IT staff of companies that use OSGeo stack.

Next Meeting

Proposed Time: UTC: Thursday, December 7th, 2017 at 8:00 pm