SAC Meeting 2017-12-07

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  • Jody Garnett
  • Juergen E. Fischer
  • Regina Obe
  • Markus Neteler
  • Sandro Santilli
  • Vicky Vergara


Note most are continuations from last meeting

  • New Website status report - in particular go over sign-off items
    • Marketing committee is done reviewing content/functionality so these delivery items are the final ones to complete the contract
  • Sys Admin Contract
    • Request sent to Treasurer, will follow up on status. (Alex)
  • Drone and Gitea upgrade status: Regina and Sandro to report
  • GitLab Status report - Bjorn to report -- think he's waiting on new hardware
  • Migration off old hard-ware
  • GeoForAll DNS - They've requested a DNS ownership transfer to OSGeo. Who wants to coordinate?
  • Budget
    • Proposed SAC:Budget was submitted to Board. Should be revised and voted on.
  • Go over status of SSLs - FOSS4G2018 has asked, we have none for FOSS4G2017 and I'm guessing some others
  • Road ahead?

Next Meeting

Proposed Time: UTC: Thursday, December 21st, 2017 at 8:00 pm