SAC Meeting 2018-01-04

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New Website status report

  1. Sent email to 26 wordpress accounts have no OSGeo LDAP (shared spreadsheet they can fill).
    1. Jody's answer: I got your email, with list of people that do not have a matching osgeo id. I do not have any direction, to provide - what answer are you looking for?
  2. Also told Jody he can start allowing people to edit. robe reports THIS IS DONE. I sent email to all the folks that had no mapping and mapped LDAP accounts for those folks who provided me their LDAP. Awaiting response from another 15 or so. Those folks are still able to use thier wordpress accounts sans LDAP.
  1. Should we change default permissions for new users authenticated by LDAP. Right now they can't do much aside from edit their profile.
  2. About LDAP:
  3. Vicky:
  4. Open tickets

Sys Admin Contract

  1. Signing status report
    1. Alex: Martin's company signed and returned (Dec 27), forwarded to VP and Treasurer for OSGeo to sign (Jan 2).

Drone upgrade status (pending from last meeting)

  1. Sandro & Regina: <Fill report here>

Migration off old hard-ware

  1. Alex: Alex to propose hardware options to SAC mailing list based on

Virtualization, Containerization, or None

We need to decide about Virtualization and Containerization plans.

  • OSGeo6 was made without either in part because updating 4 OS was a lot of work.
  • Hardware is somewhat dependent on the solution. Ganeti or Openstack expect lots of cheap machines (3+) to work well. Redundancy is across machines instead of within machine.
  • It should be noted in all virtualization cases we plan to use KVM with LVM based images - Ganeti/Openstack/Libvirt are a management layer on top.
    1. Hardware Option 1-3 $3000-$7500, Hardware Option 4 $6300
      1. It's hard to find a dual cpu or high core count in a smaller case. So the more expensive systems could be less if we opt to not fill the drive slots. However we do need space for the foss4g archive and the downloads. So maybe a mix of SSD and Spinning...
      2. Option 4 based on a mix of SSD and Spinning disks for large and fast storage. Downloads can be handled by spinning SATA.
    2. Hosting Option: OSUOSL - VM of our choosing just like other cloud services.
    3. Hosting Option: Other
  1. Others
    1. <Fill report here>

GeoForAll DNS

  1. Jeff & Vicky:
    1. No progress

Go over status of SSL - FOSS4G 2018

  1. Jeff & Vicky:
    1. Sent an e-mail inviting to this meeting

GitLab Status report

  1. <Fill report here>

Motions from last meeting

Name vote
Regina +1
Sandro +1
Jeffrey +1
Markus +1


  1. Board Approved $20,000
  2. If we start running low we can request more during the year.
  3. Marketing also received $5000 for website/logo related work.

Other tasks from last meeting

  1. TODO for Alex:



  • jgarnett
  • MartinSpott
  • wildintellect
  • robe2
  • cvvergara
  • Mark____ Mark Iliffe
  • ragnvald Ragnvald Larsen hosting the website
  • strk
  • markusN

FUll transcript


Go over status of SSL - FOSS4G2018

  • Website code:
  • The code for the payments is also very simple HTML - we'd be happy to host in a single point
    • 3rd party payment service: Pesapal
  • post-meeting. To be moved to webextra, with ssl in front
    • merge them and have the payment site be something like https:/
    • ragnvald:
    • Ensure we have continuity within our payment systems

New Website status report

  • Production site on an OSUOSL VM
  • Tentative date: Jan 15th
  • php7 before the official launch
  • experiment with setting up staging on one my machines as a docker image
  • robe2: and given we haven't tested it on php7/mariadb, I'd feel uncomfortable jumping to PHP7/MariaDB on Feb 1st even feel safer keeping and migrating
    • set it up on ianna the new staging and have PHP7/Mariadb she's running docker already
  • new plan current -> come Jan 15th, I'll start creating a new on ianna (in docker with PHP7/MariaDb)

Sys Admin Contract

  • Missing Signature OSGeo
  • Some preassure is needed to speed up.

Drone upgrade status

  • We're still running 0.5
  • No have plans to upgrade (we won't get much benefit from an upgrade anyway)
  • Newest Drone (0.8) relies on HTTP2 and apache is not ready to do reverse-proxy in http2 last time checked

Migration off old hard-ware

  • Alex: needs feedback on the questions about direction we want to go
  • Decide on virtualization method or container method I can narrow it down
  • Provide some mailing list time for modification suggestions, before a vote
  • Concerning virtualization method: Who's going to maintain that one ?
  • MartinSpott: I just don't want - again - get into a position to maintain KVM
  • strk: I've no experience with libvirt/ganeti/openstack
  • wildintellect: KVM itself is packaged
  • proposal: the one who decides in favour of a particular technique signs responsibility for maintaining it
  • what do we need to decide today ?
    • if the new hardware will be virtualization based or container based, or neither
  • TODO discuss on list

Motions from last meeting

Result: Pending for result on mailing list

Next Meeting

Proposed Time: UTC: Thursday, January 18th, 2018 at 8:00 pm

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