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Go over status of SSL - FOSS4G2018

From last meeting:

  • Website code:
  • The code for the payments is also very simple HTML - we'd be happy to host in a single point
    • 3rd party payment service: Pesapal
  • post-meeting. To be moved to webextra, with ssl in front
    • merge them and have the payment site be something like https:/
    • ragnvald:
    • Ensure we have continuity within our payment systems

<Fill report here>

New Website status report


  • It is live now on cloudvps.
  • It's still using PHP5 and MYSQL 5.5.58
  • Have a staging2 version that uses PHP7 and MariaDB 10.1
  • Alex was planning to get a cloud hosting plan from OSUOSL so we can resetup, need status of that.


Sys Admin Contract

  • Missing Signature OSGeo
    • Some pressure is needed to speed up.

<Fill report here>

Migration off old hard-ware AND Virtualization, Containerization, or None

From last meeting


  • Alex: needs feedback on the questions about direction we want to go
  • Decide on virtualization method or container method I can narrow it down
  • Provide some mailing list time for modification suggestions, before a vote
  • Concerning virtualization method: Who's going to maintain that one ?
  • MartinSpott: I just don't want - again - get into a position to maintain KVM
  • strk: I've no experience with libvirt/ganeti/openstack
  • wildintellect: KVM itself is packaged
  • proposal: the one who decides in favour of a particular technique signs responsibility for maintaining it
  • what do we need to decide today ?
    • if the new hardware will be virtualization based or container based, or neither


  • We need to decide about Virtualization and Containerization plans.
  • OSGeo6 was made without either in part because updating 4 OS was a lot of work.
  • Hardware is somewhat dependent on the solution. Ganeti or Openstack expect lots of cheap machines (3+) to work well. Redundancy is across machines instead of within machine.
  • It should be noted in all virtualization cases we plan to use KVM with LVM based images - Ganeti/Openstack/Libvirt are a management layer on top.
    • Hardware Option 1-3 $3000-$7500, Hardware Option 4 $6300
      • It's hard to find a dual cpu or high core count in a smaller case. So the more expensive systems could be less if we opt to not fill the drive slots. However we do need space for the foss4g archive and the downloads. So maybe a mix of SSD and Spinning...
      • Option 4 based on a mix of SSD and Spinning disks for large and fast storage. Downloads can be handled by spinning SATA.
    • Hosting Option: OSUOSL - VM of our choosing just like other cloud services.
    • Hosting Option: Other

TODO from last week: discuss on list

Report Due to the website launching, the discussion on the list didn't start.

Motions status:

Go over Procedures for Election to SAC

Robe: I started this doc SAC:Election_to_SAC

TODO discuss on list Regina sent email to list for discussion

GeoForAll DNS

  1. Jeff & Vicky:
    1. No progress

GitLab Status report

  1. <Fill report here>

Weblate service

Proposal to deploy a Weblate on osgeo ( See initial proposal on

Recently re-taken by QGIS:


  1. <Fill report here>



  • robe
  • cvvergara
  • wildintellect
  • strk
  • jef (Juergen)

Full transcript


topic: New_Website_status_report

  • Not add new plugins
  • Use our php skills to add functionality
  • drop plugins that are not used
  • we don't allow comments on "posts" so there's no point in it

Robe done deleted openid, snapshot, and (the redirect I was experimenting with) TODO make the ticket that has this information

  • I'll open a ticket to test roles ... (had the idea but never did it) on staging 2 (when someone is around to change my roles)

Sys Admin Contract

  • wildintellect: so on that, I've been looking through my emails, and can't find where I forwarded it to OSGeo officers to sign, so I'm sending again right now
  • robe: cvvergara strk for the wordpress permissions guess we should add to the todo the 138 editors verify they should have edit rights

Weblate service

wildintellect: I have no objections to trying weblate, question is where to install robe2: I think our systems are already taxed, probably should wait till we have new hardware in

Migration off old hard-ware AND Virtualization, Containerization, or None

  • wildintellect: looks like we need to discuss more on the list, maybe I can try to write an email that explains the options better

Next Meeting

Proposed Time: UTC: Thursday, February 1st, 2018 at 8:00 pm

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