SAC Meeting 2018-05-27

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Where and When


  • Talk about hardware plans
  • osgeo6 mysterious malware looking coin mining process under geotools. Next steps. [1]
    • TODO: Martin to disable geotools account, Regina sent note to Jody of our disabling of geotools account
    • TODO: astrodog suggested doing sha check against all files with against binaries that shipped with Debian 8, which Martin plans to do
    • TODO: All people with shell access should change their passwords and only log in with ssh key.
    • What to do about, fact we are always low on disk and have an NFS mount, which martin feels is dangerous. Alex says new server osgeo7 will have lots of disk space.
    • TODO: Discussed, instead of NFS should use iSCSI, but wait to put on osgeo7
  • FunToo container ( -Nextcloud
    • TODO: Setup an LDAP group for nextcloud use and add people (e.g. all board members), alternatively use existing groups we have (couldn't find board ldap group)
  • Nextcloud, what do we need to test, before we can deploy to meet Board's request for sync+share storage replacement of Dropbox
    • TODO: board members should start testing. Note we'll eventually move this to OSGeo7 once OSGeo7 server arrives
  • Wiki LDAP integration (how do we move forward) wrt to approaches what are we willing to put up with 165
    • TODO: Martin Spott to provide backup of database, or give me (robe) sudo access to so I (robe) can pull the postgres backup myself and inspect difficulty of doing the legacy_<username> -> ldap we discussed.
    • TODO: Martin Spott and TemptorSent explore logistics of setting up a sandbox we can test.
  • OSGeo Website topics
    • new Friends page
    • Website glitches (sponsors page, local chapters)
  • Discuss what to do once we have new hardware in place
    • TODO: TemptorSent and wildintellect to setup wiki page detailing how OSGeo7 will be set up once it comes in (expected arrival another week or 2)






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Next Meeting

Proposed Time: Thursday Jun 7th 2018 20 UTC

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