SAC Meeting 2018-10

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Where and When

Meetings Happened

2018-10-11 Transcript

2018-10-04 Transcript


Talk about hardware plans

  • 2205 Regina completed install of Ubuntu 18.04.1 on OSGeo7 on Samsung drive and also installed zfsutils-linux and lxd.
 [DONE] Next steps to create ZFS pools and start building containers.  Alex mentioned perhaps we should resize Samsung into partitions since it's big and not have whole OS set to it.

TemptorSent and Regina met to setup the ZFS and LXD. So server is now ready to go. Next steps is to:

  * Setup nginx lxd
  * Move nextcloud to osgeo7
  * Make sure new osgeo7 is whitelisted for LDAP

System Contracts

  • Martin's contract is half used, hope he can continue, but might require extension of period of service. We should have another person as well.

GCI program

can we use the students for something? Need to setup 20 tasks (jmckenna and cvvergara will orchestrate)

Open tickets needing attention

Other topics

  • are we feeling ok now with the cracked geotools account on osgeo6?
  • We need to change the passwords, and move to key only login
  • confirmed password auth is now off
  • we should clean the keys and deploy new ones
  • geotools should create new keys and supply the public key.

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