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OSGeo OGC Committee

Terms of Reference

This Terms of Reference are effective as of 2023-02-01 and will be ongoing until terminated by agreement of the Board.


The OSGeo Standards Committee aims to harmonize OSGeo representation and efforts with standards organizations to ensure coordination and consistency between OSGeo projects.

Responsibilities of this committee include (but are not limited to):

  • Coordinating OSGeo membership to standards organizations (OGC, ISO TC211, etc.)
  • Supporting MoUs, liaisons and agreements between OSGeo and standards development organizations
  • Planning joint code sprints and meetings with standards organizations
  • Contributing OSGeo representation within standards development efforts
  • Encouraging projects to participate in the OSGeo Community and Incubation Programs


  • To join the Committee, interested individuals are to send a nomination (self nomination is fine) to the OSGeo Standards mailing list with an introduction of the candidate/self. The committee will then make a motion at the next meeting
  • Members shall add themselves to this page and request membership to a given standards organization via the Issue Tracker (see #Communications)
  • Members shall subscribe to the OSGeo Standards Mailing List (see #Communications)
  • Members are expected to attend Committee meetings, contributing to discussions, planning and issues


  • Voting occurs as required
  • Voting takes place once a Committee member opens a motion on the OSGeo Standards Mailing list
    • Voting period is as follows:
      • Updates to Terms of Reference: 5 business days
      • Other: 3 business days
    • Committee members vote using the following rubric:
      • +1: support the proposal
      • +0: mild support, but has no effect
      • 0: no opinion
      • -0: mild disagreement, but has no effect
      • -1: veto the proposal, but must provide clear reasoning and alternate approaches to resolving the issue
    • Anyone can comment on proposals, but only Committee member votes will be counted
  • A proposal will be accepted as follows:
    • Updates to Terms of Reference: 50% quorum (including the author) and no vetoes (-1), based on current membership
    • other: 25% quorum (including the author) and no vetoes (-1), based on current membership
  • If a motion does not gather quorum within the voting period, the Committee reserves the right to revisit its active member list and removing members that have not voted within the last year
  • If a proposal is vetoed, and it cannot be revised to satisfy all parties, then it can be resubmitted for an override vote in which a majority of all eligible votes indicating +1 is sufficient to pass it
  • Note that this is a majority of all committee members, not just those who actively vote
  • Upon completion of discussion and voting the author should announce whether they are proceeding (proposal accepted) or are withdrawing (vetoed)
  • The Chair gets a vote



  • Prior to forming the Committee, this Terms of Reference must be distributed to the OSGeo Standards mailing list / community for review and comment.
  • Tom Kralidis is declared initial Chair of the Committee
  • Initial Committee members are listed in #Committee_Membership



Committee Membership

Name Areas of interest
Tom Kralidis (chair) OGC APIs, Earth Observation Exploitation
Angelos Tzosos OGC API Records, Earth Observation Exploitation
Dimitris Kotzinos OGC GeoAI (co-chair of the DWG), OGC GeoSemantics DWG, GeoSPARQL SWG, OGC University DWG
Jonah Sullivan TBD
Iván Sánchez Ortega TBD
Torsten Friebe OGC APIs, OGC TEAM Engine, Standards Certification
Pirmin Kalberer OGC API Tiles, Maps, Features, Routes, Processes and SensorThings, 3D Tiles
Rajat Shinde TBD
Howard Butler TBD
Krishna Lodha TBD
Even Rouault TBD
Francesco Bartoli TBD
Joana Simoes OGC API Records, Tiles and Features, JSON-FG, Location Building Blocks
Codrina Maria Ilie TBD
Ariel Anthieni OGC APIs, Earth Observation Exploitation, SmartCity
Antonio Cerciello OGC API, metadata
add yourself TBD

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