Annual General Meeting 2017

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Venue / Timing

  • WHEN: Friday August 18, 12:30 - 2:00 pm (90 min)
  • WHERE: Cambridge Complex (see the program)


The Annual General Meeting for OSGeo is open to everybody.

The goal is to:

  • give an overall status of the organization+
  • financial report+
  • informing the members of previous and future activities from committees and local chapters
  • discuss important issues and take decisions

+ These two are formal reports that make it an AGM


The AGM itself will be a succession of lightning talks (presentations limited to three or four minutes) given by you in your role as Local Chapter representative, Chair of a committee, representative of a software project, OSGeo director or administrator or whatever else makes up OSGeo. If you feel like you have to say something please add yourself to the list.

Board members attending in person:

Annual General Meeting / Closing Ceremony

General Meeting (90 mins)

Room: Cambridge Complex

Final session before the closing session in the invited speaker room (a large space for all interested in attending.)

OSGeo report (10 mins)

OSGeo Foundation (10 min): single slide deck, already on stage, etc...

Here is what OSGeo has been up to in the last year:

  • Introduction to OSGeo - more than just the foss4g conference :)
  • Here is what we have done in the last year
    • Here is all the events we have sponsored for the year
    • photos and stats from events
    • photos and stories from code sprints
  • Here are our volunteers and leaders thank you
    • Pictures from committees and initiatives
  • Website / Branding - key 2017 initiative
  • Budget - we are financially stable
  • Elections are coming up

Contributing to OSGeo report

Technical this is our AGM, since we say we are still going and have money to do so :)

Project Reports (20 mins)

Single slide deck, two slides each for a status update, collect status report on discuss and summary in AGM

  • 3 mins: Projects and Incubation, status sent to - Report by Jody Garnett
  • 2 mins: OSGeo Website for PSC members - new user outreach, project content, working with service providers. Report by Jeffrey Johnson
  • GeoTools Report - releases, committers, status, challenges. Report by Jody Garnett
  • GRASS GIS - releases, committers, status, challenges. Report by Vaclav Petras
  • GeoMoose - releases, committers, status, challenges. Report by Dan "Ducky" Little
  • ORFEO ToolBox - incubation status, releases, committers, challenges. Report by Manuel Grizonnet
  • MapServer - releases, committers, status, challenges. Report by Jeff McKenna
  • OSGeoLive - releases, status. Report by Brian M Hamlin (darkblue_b)
  • pycsw - releases, status, challenges. Report by Paolo Corti
  • GeoNode - releases, status, challenges. Report by Paolo Corti

Local Chapter Reports (25 mins)

you need to sign up to be presented

Partners (10 mins)

OSGeo partners with organizations world wide, this block provides our partners a chance to address:

  • 5 mins: slot 1
  • 5 mins: slot 2

Committee Reports (15 mins)

Committees (17 mins): single slide deck? we expect a status update from each committee, please attend or nominate a delegate

  • 3 mins: Maria - Introduce how committees work, thank the volunteers, and get out of the way
  • 2 mins: UN Committee Report by Maria Brovelli
  • 1 mins: GeoForAll - Maria Brovelli - talk about new members/partners
  • 2 mins: OSGeo Website for Committee Chairs - Jeffrey Johnson: new member outreach, working with partners
  • 2 mins: Marketing Committee - User:Marc Vloemans
  • 1 mins: Incubation Report - Jody Garnett
  • 2 mins: Conference Committee (?) - anounce the next foss4g event
  • 2 mins Open GeoScience Committee Peter Loewe
  • 1 min: Google Summer of Code / Code-In Report - Jeff McKenna
  • Public Geospatial Data Committee (?)
  • 1 mins: System Administration Committee (SAC) - Alex Mandel

Open Q&A from OSGeo Members (10 mins)

If you cannot attend (or if we do not have time for an open mike), please provide questions ahead of time below (answers will be handled by appropriate project, local chapter or committee report):

  • Q: How do you start a local chapter?
  • "Q: Where to get a new OSGeo T-Shirt?"
  • add your name and question (or discussion topic)

Closing (90 mins)

Room: Commonwealth, seats 900+, 45 min block

Closing, status update, awards and wrap up.

Keynote (45 mins)

María Arias de Reyna - closing keynote on open data.

OSGeo Update (10 mins)

Moved to AGM

Awards (20 mins)

Awards (20 mins):

  • 5 mins: Developer Awards (GeoCat representative): (have a slide to cover finding awardee on screen)
  • 5 mins: Student Awards - GeoForAll: (have a slide to cover finding awardee on screen)
  • 10 mins: Sol Katz Award - longer as short speech or video used

Closing (25 mins)

Foss4g Closing:

  • 10 mins: Thanks you to volunteers, local organizing committee
  • 10 mins: FOSS4G 2018 Invitation (video? link?). Hand over to next organizing committee
  • 5 mins: Thank you for coming, lights out, go home, see you at code sprint on Saturday