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The OSGeo annual elections come in two phases. Firstly, the election of new Charter Members to the Foundation. This group is in turn responsible for electing members to the Board of Directors

Charter Member Election

In 2009 we are adding up to 30 new Charter Members to the Foundation.

Nominate new Charter Members: 2009-08-13 - 2009-08-22

  • Please confirm with the nominated person first.
  • Please email cro@osgeo.org with their name, contact email and paragraph describing why you are recommending this person as a Charter Member
  • New Member Nominations 2009

Vote for new Charter Members: 2009-08-23 - 2009-09-06

  • Only Charter Members are eligible to vote!
  • Please email cro@osgeo.org with a list of names 15 lines long (one vote per new member slot)
  • You can vote for 15 different people, or the same person 15 times, or any balance in between.

Final Status: 2009-09-09

  • Because the number of members nominated was less that our maximum for the year, all nominees were accepted.
  • The list of nominees is at New Member Nominations 2009

Board Election

  • Following the Board Election Procedure there are 5 seats up for election this year.
  • Paul Ramsey, Bob Bray, Markus Neteler, Jo Walsh, and Jeroen Ticheler have reached the end of their 2 year term; Paul Ramsey, Bob Bray and Jo Walsh have decided to not stand for re-election. Thanks for your past work, Jo, Bob and Paul! The others must receive a nomination in order to stand in the 2009 election.
  • Continuing Board members who have another year to serve are Arnulf Cristl (DE), Ari Jolma (FI), Howard Butler (US), Frank Warmerdam (CA)

Nominate new Board Members - 2009-09-10 - 2009-09-21

  • Please confirm with the person that they would like to stand for election as a Board member
  • Email a nomination, consisting of name and a paragraph describing why you think this person would make a good Board member, to cro@osgeo.org by the end of Monday 21th September 2009
  • Please also cc: the nomination to the OSGeo discussion list - discuss@lists.osgeo.org - so the community can be nudged along and have a sense of what is going on.
  • Remember that only Charter Members of OSGeo are eligible for a seat on the Board
  • The final list will be collected at Board Member Nominations 2009

Vote for new Board Members - 2009-09-22 - 2009-09-29

  • Only Charter Members are eligible to vote
  • Choose from Board Member Nominations 2009 list
  • Email cro@osgeo.org with a list of names up to 5 lines long (one vote per board slot)
  • You can cast 5 votes, for 5 different people or all for the same person, or some combination in between.
  • Voting closes midnight (your timezone) 29-September-2009
  • Results will be posted at Board Election 2009 Results
  • Contact cro@osgeo.org with questions