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During the FOSS4G2011 conference in Denver, there will be conference rooms available for people to hold Breakout Sessions (aka Birds-of-a-Feather).

Breakout Sessions are unstructured timeslots where people can self-organize themselves to discuss topics of interest.

Room allocation to be determined

Organising Contact

Timeslots Available

Wednesday 5:30pm to 6:30pm and 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Room Assignments

Rooms Available

All rooms can hold 50+ people, some are a bit larger as noted below. Amount of room may vary depending on seating arrangement and size of group. If you need a larger space for your group, use the ballroom. If you need a smaller separate room for one group, use Denver, Spruce, or Century. At the venue, please check the room size to confirm it's what you want.

Pick a room, add to reserved:# beside room name below and mention the room name in your planning section further down on the page.

Tower Court A - 50+ (2 groups) - Reserved: 1/2
Tower Court B - 50+ (2 groups) - Reserved: 1/2
Tower Court C - 50+ (2 groups) - Reserved: 1/2
Tower Court D - 75+ (2 groups) - Reserved: 0/2
Windows - 125+ people (2-4 groups) - Reserved: 0/4
Silver - 100+ people (2-3 groups) - Reserved: 1.5/3
Denver - 1 group - Reserved: 1/1
Spruce - 1 group - Reserved: 1/1
Century - 1 group - Reserved: 0/1
Grand Ballroom - huge, can fit 10+ groups - Reserved: 1/10

Proposed Topics


  • Scheduling:
    • 5:30 - 6:30, in the Grand Ballroom With get together afterwards. Any suggestions for a location for Drinks afterwards?
  • Proposed Topics
    • Overview
    • GeoMoose 2.6
    • Ideas for CodeSprint.
    • Talk up your successes with GeoMoose.
    • Meet developers and learn how you can help.
  • Attending:
    • Bob Basques (City of Saint Paul, MN.)
    • Dan Little (GeoMoose)
    • Jim Klassen (SharedGeo)
    • Brian Fischer (Houston Engineering)
    • Eli Adam (Lincoln County, Oregon)
    • Steve Swazee (MnGeo Emergency Preparedness Committee)


Scheduling: 7:00-8:30 in 'Windows' Room


Come talk to us in the Silver room at 7pm then follow us to Prohibition ( for a meet-and-greet over drinks at 8pm!


Opengeoportal The meeting will start at 5:30 in Tower A at the Sheraton.

  • Proposed topics: governance models, federated searching and coordinating code development
  • Attending:
    • Stephen McDonald (Tufts)
    • Patrick Florance (Tufts) - via skype
    • Chris Barnett (Tufts)
    • David Siegel (Harvard)
    • Matt Bertrand (Harvard)
    • Lisa Sweeney (MIT)
    • Garey Mills (Berkeley)
    • John Ridener (Berkeley)
    • Patricia Carbajales (Stanford)
    • Renzo Sanchez-Silva (Stanford)
    • Karel Charvat (CCSS)
    • Karen Payne (GIST, USAID, U of Georgia)-via skype
    • Massimo Di Stefano (RPI - WHOI)
    • Keith Jenkins (Cornell)

For those who cannot make this in person you are invited to call in via skype to username opengeoportal.

  • There will also be a gathering for developers to meet during the Tuesday evening Welcome Social at the Wynkoop Brewing Company.

Spatial Data InfraStructure (SDI)

  • Let's meet in front of the Esri booth in the Exhibitors area, then go to some place to talk.
  • Scheduling: 7pm - 8pm. Get started with these topics then go get some food/drinks together.
  • Proposed topics: data sharing and discovery, metadata, web services, and portals.
  • Attending:

Mobile GIS

  • Room Tower Court D - 5:30pm

Education / Academic

PostGIS Raster

5h30, Tower Court B

  • Proposed Topics
    • What would you like to do with PostGIS Raster?
    • Raster/vector analysis in the database.
    • MapAlgebra
    • Outside db storage
  • Attending
    • Pierre Racine
    • Bborie Park
    • David Zwarg
    • Tom Buckley

Spatial Databases

  • Proposed Topics
    • Do we need some more
    • Where are we heading to (distributed databases?)
    • Do the processing within the database or outside?
    • Add yours...
  • Attending:
    • Volker Mische (Couchbase)


  • Scheduling: 6:30-7 in Silver (Right before Geonode)

let's not conflict with the Python session? maybe we should do something less formal another day if the BOF all conflict too much?

  • Proposed topics:
    • Community organization strategies
    • Meet and Greet

Web Processing Services (WPS)

  • Scheduling: 5:30-6:30

Meeting Room: Tower Court B

  • Proposed topics:
    • Web Processing Services Ideas exchange and get-together
    • WPS 2.0 status and community input
    • Meet and Greet
    • Settle on mime types so at least our apps can be consistent
  • Attending:
    • Gėrald Fenoy (ZOO-Project)
    • Nicolas Bozon (ZOO-Project)
    • Bastian Schäffer (52North)
    • Benjamin Pross (52North)
    • Jachym Cepicky
    • Jody Garnett (Enthusiast)
    • Trevor Clarke (Opticks)

Free meditation and relaxing movements sessions

There are so many interesting people and ideas at FOSS4G that I’ve found it can be really helpful to have a quiet, meditative moment or two to let it all sink in. The intention is to help one release stress and relax muscles that commonly become tight from computer/desk work, travel, carrying bags.. the common issues that tend to manifest at a week-long conference! I’ve been leading meditation sessions for co-workers at MIT and receiving very positive feedback about how helpful they are.

My plan is to hold a few 30-minute, sessions of relaxed meditative breathing and gentle movements during the FOSS4G conference at the following times:

  • Wed. 8 pm
  • Thurs 5:30 pm
  • Friday 5 pm - after the Annual General Meeting

meet at the foss4g registration desk. we will move up to the presidential suite together due to key access restrictions. friday after the AGM we will meet at the registration desk then go up to room 344 together.

These sessions are available to anyone, including people with no prior experience with any movement styles, those who do not feel particularly flexible, and folks who are in their work/meeting clothes. These sessions are being hosted by Lisa Sweeney If you are interested please add your name below or email I'll be seeking out room options and post them to this wiki page once identified.

Great idea! I'd like to add a related get together. Anyone interested in starting the day with some tai chi and chi gong, let's meet in the Sheraton pool area (5th floor of the Tower building) at 6:00 am. If there's inclement weather, let's meet in the lobby of the Sheraton. If you are interested but are not staying at the Sheraton, let me know ( or retrev on twitter) and we'll meet somewhere more convenient.

NASA Data in Open Source Applications

  • Schedule: 5:30 pm - 6:30pm. Room: Spruce

Defense Open Source Roadmap and Code Sharing

  • Schedule: 5:30-6:30 in Tower Court C
  • Proposed Topics
    • Integrating Existing Systems
    • Establishing a Community
    • Technology Roadmap
    • Shared Requirements (opportunities for collaboration)
  • Attending
    • Kris Carle - Army Mapper
    • Jaymes Cloninger