Ninth VisCom Meeting

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Date and Time

The meeting took place on July 20th, 2006, at 15:00 UTC.

Minutes: Ninth VisCom Meeting Minutes

Standing Agenda

  1. Assign scribe
  2. Rollcall (chair)
  3. New Business (below)
  4. Old Business (below)
  5. Review action items (chair)
  6. Set next meeting date (chair)
  7. Adjourn

New Business

  • Membership
    • DaveM withdraws from committee; released with a vote of thanks
    • possible introduction of new Autodesk staffer
    • quick review of committee members left standing
  • Events
    • any OSCON issues?
    • any GeoWeb issues?
      • mpg was pinged about extra pass(es)
  • Press releases
  • Scrubbing of old-tasks list
  • <add new items here>

Old Business

  1. review of open issues in CollabNet (chair)
  2. (from old TODO list) Operate OSGeo Booth (arnulf)
  3. (from old TODO list) Work on contents (arnulf)
  4. (from old TODO list) Organize translation volunteers. (arnulf)
  5. (from old TODO list) prepare Web page contents about "What OSGeo is doing" to attract sponsors. This is related to Fundraising. Then forward this material to WebCom (arnulf?)
  6. (from old TODO list) Setup feedback mechanism for web site. I suppose this ought to be creating artifacts in the bug system, but a feedback email list might be more appropriate. (arnulf?)
  7. (from old TODO list) Recruit more members on discuss list. What skills are most valuable? (arnulf?)
  8. (held over from 3rd mtg) Can we move the Event List to its own page (from the main VisComm page)? (mpg)
  9. (held over from 5th mtg) Newsletter Notes (not Tyler)