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osgeo3 before transformation

NOTE this information is just historical of what exited before osgeo3 was reformatted. Each of the sections below represent a Virtual Machine and describes which services are running on it, and by which name they are reachable.


      • TURNED OFF 2019-11-01 and containerized on osgeo7***

* Drupal instances for the main OSGeo web site and projects like MapGuide and FDO are hosted here (??). DEFUNCT- moved to wordpress on osgeo7 wordpress container

See Infrastructure Transition Plan 2010#Final_Plan for full details. * Infrastructure Transition Plan 2010#osgeo3_.26_osgeo4 * Lots of config information in the Migration Documentation.


    • Moved to osgeo7 **

See TracsvnVM for full details, and some notes on services running here