SAC Meeting 2017-12-21

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Note most are continuations from last meeting

  • New Website status report
  1. LDAP set up for Wordpress, and most local users mapped to LDAP. (Jody to send email to 26 someodd left to have them note their LDAP login). People can start using the system
  2. GetInteractive has provided install details document
  3. I think all contract items in place, so GetInteractive should be paid if they haven't been already
  4. Next we'll need to move existing OSGeo LDAP stuff sitting on to something like so it can be managed separate from website.

  • Sys Admin Contract
    • Request sent to Treasurer, will follow up on status. (Alex)
  • Drone and Gitea upgrade status: Regina and Sandro to report - Sandro has gogs converted to gitea working on loose ends.
  • GitLab Status report - Bjorn to report -- think he's waiting on new hardware
  • Migration off old hard-ware - everything has to be moved off OSGeo4
  1. Update, Lance said they've got plenty of space, so just send them the new hardware
  2. Lance is in his upgrade cycle, so wants to upgrade everything so we should rush to get the hardware in otherwise he may have to upgrade our old crappy hardware
  • GeoForAll DNS - They've requested a DNS ownership transfer to OSGeo. Who wants to coordinate? Jason is the contact on the current DNS
  • Budget
    • Proposed SAC:Budget was submitted to Board. Should be revised and voted on.
  • Go over status of SSLs - FOSS4G2018 has asked, we have none for FOSS4G2017 and I'm guessing some others
  • Road ahead?



  • Alex Mandel
  • Jeff McKenna
  • Regina Obe
  • Sandro Santilli
  • Vicky Vergara

FUll transcript


  1. New Website status report
    1. Sent email to 26 wordpress accounts have no OSGeo LDAP (shared spreadsheet they can fill). Also told Jody he can start allowing people to edit.
    2. About LDAP:
  2. Sys Admin Contract
    1. Alex: Private repository for contract templates
    2. Alex: pdf sent to Martin's company for signing, will be sent to Helena for OSGeo signing after
  3. Drone and Gitea upgrade status
    1. Sandro & Regina: Gitea done, Drone not done
  4. GitLab Status report
    1. Not covered
  5. Migration off old hard-ware
    1. OSUOSL
    2. Updated:
    3. Updated:
    4. New Server hardware options discussed and what VM infrastructure to go with
  6. GeoForAll DNS
    1. Jeff Volunteered to coordinate (Vicky will watch & learn)
  7. Go over status of SSL - FOSS4G2018 has asked
    1. Jeff will update the tickets
  8. Budget
    1. Not covered
  9. Other
    1. OsgeoLive milestones closed (they have their own trac)
    2. Review of private repositories
    3. Sandro opened: MOTION 1: add cvvergara to SAC Motion mail
    4. TODO for Alex:
    5. TODO for Alex: Alex to propose hardware options to SAC mailing list based on

Next Meeting

Proposed Time: UTC: Thursday, January 4th, 2018 at 8:00 pm