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(The scope of the Software Stack is currently in definition process)

[1] https -> stable docs
[2] http -> docs in work progress
[3] Example:

Software used

We move to install and maintain a stable version of a basic SDI stack consisting of:

  • Community MapBuilder as WMS and WFS-T Client
  • GDAL as Geo Data Access Layer
  • GeoTools (in the guise of GeoServer as WFS-T)
  • GRASS GIS (via ssh, PHP, SWIG)
  • Mapbender as WMS and WFS-T Client
  • MapServer as WMS (and WFS)
  • OSSIM as awsome
  • PostGIS as spatial extension

The server(s) needs to run a basic LAMP stack ++

  • Apache http Server
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Java (1.4, 1.5?)
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • PHP, Perl, Python, Pomething pelse
  • ...

Applications and Demos

  • MapServer automatically brings some HTML demos that just need to get set up
  • GeoServer packages with MapBuilder and some demo data demo data should be moved into the PostgreSQL database
  • some Open/Free data (vmap0 and postal code polygons in Germany)
  • Mapbender brings in a hundred maintained OGC service URL
  • WMS service meta data (cap url) are added as records/features to both WFS and WMS services
  • Each WMS/WFS is a rectangle (corresponding bbox) to serve as source for discovery and harvesting (delivery for the Public Geospatial Data Committee
  • MapServer WMS getFeatureInfo request returns Capabilities URL and description (meta data)
  • GeoServer WFS getFeature request returns a GML with the bbox and meta data.
  • enhanced with a Wiki page adding some human readable discussion for each service.

OSGeo Member Location Service

Everybody who entered a coordinate to the Drupal Portal are added to a layer of the above WMS/WFS-T infrastructure. Members could locate each other, show their current position (Gary as a multipolygon), etc. using MapServer map and GeoServer WFS-T and editing with Mapbender and MapBuilder. Some privacy should be added for those who do not want to appear in the map by allowing each registered user to edit exactly their own position and their visibility. (Later: SSO with privacy only needs an LDAP, a certificate and some glue...)

Collaboration tools

(... Jo has developed some ideas about geolocating email traffic, contributions, automated news feed analysis, needs some more explanation)

This probably doesn't belong here to be honest but on a collaboration tools page - remind me to link something from the Infrastructure Working Group page

Security, Privacy, Geowiki, Certification

The Stack can be used to develop a comprehensive SSO solution (software & architecture) to address Security and Privacy issues from a Geowiki point of view using Certificates.