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#* cost: Vasile report, discussion
#* cost: Vasile report, discussion
#* scheduling
#* scheduling
#* See also [[Finance_Operational_Notes#Historical_Overview]] ''(I'm not able to attend the meeting or conference but that would be my input. -Eli)''
# OSGeo Project Status
# OSGeo Project Status
#* Report from Maxi and Jeff, Jeff invited to present
#* Report from Maxi and Jeff, Jeff invited to present

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Face-to-face meeting during FOSS4G 2017 in Boston.

When and Where

  • Monday August 14, 18:00
  • location: Flagship B Room at the Seaport Hotel


Board members:

  1. Maria Brovelli
  2. Vasile Craciunescu
  3. Helena Mitasova
  4. Jody Garnett
  5. Sanghee
  6. Mike
  7. Angelos Tzotsos (remotely)
  8. add yourself


  1. Brief report from FOSS4G2017 LOC (important for the "future of foss4g" discussion item)
  2. Discuss and approve pending MoUs and CLA
  3. Vote on funding requests
    • OSGeo Journal issue with FOSS4G Bonn papers: $1200 for layout and proofing
  4. OSGeo and FOSS4G Conferences
  5. OSGeo Project Status
    • Report from Maxi and Jeff, Jeff invited to present
    • Project by project recommendations
    • Project categories, see Comparison
  6. System admin committee coordination - invitation extended to Alex Mandel
  7. 2017 elections


We invite board members not present at the Paris F2F Meeting to revisit their initial goals at elected representatives (to provide context for the days discussion).

The overall goal of the meeting is to coordinate two "hot topics" for the OSGeo community: event attendance costs and OSGeo project health.

We should leave this meeting with clear guidance for the subsequent board and affected committees on these two issues.

Meeting Minutes