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The Charter Member nomination (part of the Election 2019) will be open from 2019-09-23 to 2019-10-20 (4 weeks). This list of nominees is maintained by the Chief Returning Officer ( This page is write protected and can only be edited by SysOps.

# Nominee Name Country Positive attributes Nominated by
1 Daniel Silk New Zealand I would like to nominate Daniel Silk as a Charter Member of OSGeo. Building on a history of professional engagement with open geospatial through his work with LINZ, Daniel has played a crucial role in establishing OSGeo Oceania and the FOSS4G SotM Oceania conference series over the last 2 years. As conference chair this year, he has demonstrated a strong work ethic, great teamwork skills, and empathy, effectively bringing together an engaged team. He's an exemplary leader, and will be an asset to OSGeo. John Bryant
2 Narcélio de Sá Brazil Narcélio is a Geographer, Open Source Geek, QGIS Brazil Community Coordinator, enthusiast and volunteer mapper OpenStreetMap, having contributed to many projects/disasters. He has been a great supporter and promoter of Open Source GIS in Brazil through his blog, youtube and presentations at events. Fernando Quadro
3 Felipe Sodré Barros Brazil Felipe is a geographer and Open Source GIS enthusiast through his support of the QGIS Brazil Community, GeoCast a GIS YouTube channel, as well as supporting both the reorganization of the Brazilian chapter and the initiative to bring FOSS4G Global 2021 to Argentina. Fernando Quadro
4 Seth Girvin Ireland Seth is a member of the MapServer PSC and has been very active in the community for a number of years now and is also very active in the Irish chapter of OSGeo. He has presented and a number of FOSS4G events and is both an excellent advocate for OSGeo and just a generally excellent person too. Michael Smith
5 Antonio Cerciello Netherlands Antonio is very enthusiastic about promoting the use of free and open source geospatial software and has been active in the FOSS4G community, for almost 3 years now. During this time, he has contributed with his coding skills to Geonetwork, Geoserver, OpenGeoportal and to the OSGeo Live image. He has attended many code sprints and has presented talks and workshops in FOSS4G events around the world. Joana Simoes
6 Pēteris Brūns Latvia Peteris and his company SunGIS [1] is long term supporter of FOSS4G . In Latvia, they are building environment for further usage of FOSS4G in the public sector as well as business. Peteris is already valid member of OSGeo and it would be great to have him as Charter member too. [1] Jachym Cepicky

8 Tom Armitage UK Long-term Scottish QGIS user group co-chair and co-chair of FOSS4GUK 2019, Tom has many years' experience teaching and training QGIS in academic institutions. He also freely shares material via, and actively encourages inclusivity and diversity at geo-events. Under his joint chairing, FOSS4GUK 2019 made a huge step up in diversity from previous years, with only one out of four keynotes a white man, and the offer of on-site childcare and childcare grants, all explicitly backed by a major sponsor. Tom is also a great speaker, giving perhaps the best talk at FOSS4GUK 2017 in the cartography stream, and has run FOSS4GUK workshops in the past. He will be a great advocate for FOSS4G as a charter member of OSGeo. Tom Chadwin
9 Carmen Tawalika Germany Carmen jumped into "cold water", when she agreed to take over the organisation of the workshops for FOSS4G 2016, and undoubtedly she did a great job. After several contributions (workshops and talks) at FOSSGIS conferences (the local german speaking FOSS4G-conference), she held her first talk on a FOSS4G this year in Bucharest. In her job, Carmen is an active contributor to several Open Source Geo-projects (check out her Github profile), at least she is one of the main contributors to the OSGeo community project "actinia". In my eyes, there is no doubt, that Carmen believes in the general goals of our foundation and also is willing to continue to contribute positively towards our goals, as she already did in the past. Having Carmen as a charter member will also benefit OSGeo's diversity. Till Adams
10 Dan Ormsby UK As Operations Manager at Astun Technology, Dan has been hugely influential in increasing enterprise adoption of open source products across UK local and central government, by promoting and improving integration with cloud-based solutions such as AWS- in particular the adoption of QGIS over appstream. He would be a great Charter Member as he would be able to raise the profile of and champion the use of open source technologies in business and government. Dan has demoed and spoken about running QGIS in the cloud at numerous workshops, usergroups, and most recently the FOSS4GUK 2019 event in Edinburgh. Jo Cook

12 Robert Coup UK Robert is a long time collaborator and contributor to open source geospatial projects across many libraries and tools, including as a GDAL committer and contributor to Mapnik, GeoDjango and a number of other OSS projects. He has been heavily involved in improving the state of Open Data in New Zealand via community initiatives and working directly with Government through his company Koordinates. He has helped to refine and improve the OGC API - Features (formerly WFS3) specification. He has attended and spoke at several FOSS4G and SoTM conferences, and was on the organising team for the 2010 conference in Wellington. And also mentored & coordinated Google Summer of Code projects for several years for GDAL & Mapnik. Even Rouault
13 Edoardo Neerhut Australia I would like to nominate Edoardo Neerhut as a Charter Member of OSGeo. Edoardo has been heavily involved in developing FOSS4G SotM Oceania and OSGeo Oceania since day 1, always bringing a well-reasoned and insightful perspective to every discussion, and playing a leadership role in critical areas. As someone with strong engagement with the OSM community, and with strong teamwork skills, he plays an important role in knitting the community together. I believe that Edoardo is an asset to the OSGeo community. John Bryant
16 Ana Leticia Ma USA I met Ana at FOSS4G2019 where she was a volunteer. Her company didn't paid for the travel from the USA so she had to take unpaid leave and bought the ticket by herself. This proves her determination to attend the event and be part of our community. She helped a lot with the event recordings. She also attended FOSS4G NA 2019. I'm sure Ana made many friends at those event that can join me demonstrate that she is part of our community and shares our values. I believe she will make our community even more lively and colorful :) Nicolas Roelandt
17 Ionuț Ungurianu Romania Ionuț is working as a Sr. GIS Consultant for a Romanian company active in the field of telecommunications, cadaster and remote sensing. Ionuț is a co-founder of the NGO Timisoara GIS Community (, where he serves as President. The NGO tries to promote open source GIS solutions though local projects or by providing mostly QGIS trainings. At FOSS4G2019, during the OSGeo Community Sprint Ionuț became a contributor to the OSGeoLive project as a Romanian translator. He is part of the very active Romania Local Chapter. Ionuț will be a great advocate for FOSS4G as a charter member of OSGeo especially in his local region Timișoara. Astrid Emde

18 Dimitris Karakostis Greece Dimitris works in the World Food Programme and he is very active in the GeoNode community. He promotes many of our projects in World Food Programme and UN. Dimitris attended the last FOSS4G, joined the OSGeoLive translation team during the code sprint and started contributing. I know Dimitris for some time now and he is really passionate about Free and Open Source Geospatial Software. I believe Dimitris would be a very good addition to our charter members list. Angelos Tzotsos
19 Julia Wagemann Italy Julia is a strong advocate of open geospatial data and open-source geospatial technologies, and a strong believer that data standards and FOSS4G are vital building blocks to build bridges between different user communities. Julia has played a huge role in raising awareness about open geospatial software in the meteorological / climate communities. She regularly engages with user communities, as a key organiser of the OpenDataHack @ECMWF and current coordinator the ECMWF Summer of Weather Code - an online coding programme that promotes the development of weather-related open-source software. She is also the co-founder of Women in Geospatial, a rapidly growing network that aims to increase diversity at geo events and the geospatial community in general. I’ve known Julia for some years now through working on OGC standards, open geospatial software and petascale data collections. I believe she supports the goals of OSGeo and will be a fantastic asset to the organisation for many years. Adam Steer
20 Andrea Trovant Argentina She's been with the Osgeo Argentina Local chapter for three years now, collaborating with everything from social media to cashier at events and to help people get involved in the community, specially students at our University just starting their careers. She represents our younger side, bringing more and more energy everyday, but also working tirelessly in any task she is presented with. She is board member and part of the founders of the Geolibres NGO, that gives a legal framework to the local chapter. Malena Libman
21 Hennessy A. Becerra Ayala Mexico I am proud to nominate Hennessy Becerra for charter member of OSGeo. I knew about Hennessy for the first time, last year during the First Mexican Reunion of QGIS users. That is where I found out that he is one of the organizers of that reunion and not only that, also that he is the founder of the QGIS users group in México. Very eager to make things happen, like for example, having international speakers in the Reunion, organizing workshops, and taking care of all the details that an event implies. The Reunion was a success, and this year he is also organizing and promoting the Second Mexican Reunion of QGIS users. This second event is the one that made me think of nominating Hennessy as he is showing a commitment to continue with this task: - he cares about the users, - he cares to spread the knowledge of open source for geospatial. Me, as a developer, I really appreciate this kind of work and caring, as the software we develop is for users to use. In my opinion his addition to the charter member of OSGeo community will enrich our organization. Vicky Vergara
23 Daniel Santillan Austria Daniel has been attending and presenting at various FOSS4G conferences like the last one in Bucharest ( Daniel is a long time user but also contributor to Open Source Software, for example with graphly ( and plotty ( Stephan Meißl