SAC Meeting 2017-11-09

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Please list the meeting topics, and link to relevant SAC tickets when possible. Meeting will be for assigning tasks, updating status, and voting. Majority of discussions should happen on the mailing list and IRC in before and after meetings. Estimated 30-60 minutes.

Time and Date: UTC: Thursday, November 9th, 2017 at 8:00 pm

Meeting was approximately 1.75 hrs See Transcript for gory details

In attendance:

  • Alex
  • Bjorn
  • Sandro
  • Regina
  • Vicky
  • Martin
  • Jef


Note most are continuations from last meeting

  • New Website status report
  • GIT services status report
  • Drone and Gitea upgrade status: Regina and Sandro to report
  • Steps needed to migrate experimental GitLab to reasonable/proper host - Bjorn to report
  • Available machines and their load (osgeo4 retirement plan)
  • New sysadmin contract - Martin Spott - should have contract with Martin's company settled by this time.
    • Ticket Cleanup - Who wants to help reclassify and close tickets, so high priority is properly flagged for contract.
  • 2017 Budget report - Requested from Treasurer (All Amounts in USD)
    • Total Budgeted $15,000, spent $5917.08
      • $5533.05 Admin Contract #2 Jan 2017
      • $384.03 to GetInteractive for WebSite Hosting Transfer, Oct/Nov 2017
  • 2018 Budget drafting
    • Board needs request by 21st of November, 2017
  • Setting aside money for Cloud Servers, How much can we afford, what providers.
    • I think we should consider a couple since each has strengths (e.g. some allow stop start, many allow create/drop instead of buying a specific server, some provide lots of bandwidth and automated backups but may have smaller size etc, many offer lots of OS, some are limited to just one etc) and maybe not put all our money in one
    • Digital Ocean (Droplet), Linode, Amazon EC, SoftLayer, and other smaller players
  • Committee Guidelines - The board wants to know how we officially make decisions. We've never formalized this.
  • Road ahead?
    • Inviting more Contributors

Next Meeting

Proposed Time: UTC: Thursday, Nov 23, 2017 at 8:00 pm