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Where and When

Past this month

Thursday Aug 16th 2018 20 UTC

Thursday Aug 9th 2018 20 UTC


Talk about hardware plans

  • Our new hardware has landed, OSUOSL has already been instructioned to install Ubuntu 18.04
  • Need to fill in Wiki page and get started doing something with it SAC_Service_Status#osgeo_7.
  • We need to flesh out the setup details and start setting it up Osgeo7.

Notes: August 16

  • no VPN access yet.
  • Need to deploy our admins to keys to their matching users on various machines so at least the core people can stop using password based on login
  • we install lxd I assume we will go with zfs for storage
  • are we going to have external network access?
  • Maybe want at least 3-4 database containers, one for system/internal databases, one for user databases, one for web content, and another for dev.
  • base system should be authentication for ssh, lxd and backup client
  • storage driver usable inside a container means we can't use zfs commands inside the containers directly
  • the snapshot thingy sounds kinda important to me at lease for development stuff, no as important for stable stuff I guess
  • We should jot down these ideas on osgeo7 though before we forget

Notes: August 9

  • Looks like wildintellect working on getting his VPN account setup
  • requests/added to VPN access from strk, robe2, TemptorSent, Martin, jef
  • TemptorSent did have some good notes and links now added to the osgeo7 page on how to do the setup
  • VPN access is only needed to bootstrap using the IPMI.
  • are we asking OSUOSL to do the basic install or just stick a thumb drive in and we do it?
  • possible steps:
    • figure out the correct installer,
    • work out where to put the /boot with grub
    • ask OSUOSL to put in a flash drive with what we need
    • /boot can be any FS type technically, especially if it's not on the spinning rust
  • other option
  • there we can do a normal install to the SSD, then copy the install over to ZFS formatted drives


  • Board's request for sync+share storage replacement of Dropbox
    • TODO: robe - I really want to speed this up before handing to board to test after I will send a note to OSGEO board. Note we'll eventually move this to OSGeo7 once OSGeo7 server is set up

Notes august 16

  • Nextcloud container is currently being upgraded

Notes August 9

  • Has anyone done any playing with nextcloud to see what we might need to tweak?
  • have to announce to the board, but really wanted to improve the speed cause it's really slow
  • coordinate with board to migrate their content from dropbox to nextcloud

Wiki LDAP integration

  • (how do we move forward) wrt to approaches what are we willing to put up with 165
    • TODO: Martin Spott and TemptorSent explore logistics of setting up a sandbox we can test.

Notes august 16

  • Ideas
    • experiment with changing the schema to support keys
    • could start with a scratch one with a couple of users I guess
    • A selective export
    • could be the first thing we do in osgeo7 container (that's at least on same local network)
    • Leave the PII out of the mix to be on the safe side, and import it once we have everything setup and ready on the new environment with everything tested and secured already.

Notes august 9

  • Wiki - I haven't seen the database still
  • Martin had created a backup

OSGeo Website topics

- anything outstanding SAC needs to be involved in?

Notes from August 16

Notes from August 9

    • TODO (sponsors): close the related issues with Jive.
      • Never saw Jive on the IRC
  • Gravatar is now used in following pages: members page, board page


august 9

  • robe2
  • markusN
  • TemptorSent
  • jef
  • wildintellect
  • cvvergara
  • jody

August 16

  • robe2
  • cvvergara
  • TemptorSent
  • wildintellect


Next Meeting

Proposed Time: Thursday Aug 16th 2018 20 UTC

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