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This page is the most current location for information about the OSGeo.US group. This group can also be found in the following places:


OSGeo.US supports and develops OSGeo Local Chapters and projects in the United States. OSGeo.US also support activities and events that build awareness of OSGeo and create opportunities to grow the OSGeo community.



Establish group and build awareness

Get recognition of OSGeo

  • [01] Hold 3 community meetings
  • [-] Build an application process for grants and support
    • email discussion list to support the initial events that are requesting support prior to a formal process
  • [04] Meet with 5 communities in the US that wish to participate
    • Northern MI (Interest in participating, will report back on interest from regional esri meeting)
    • MN (may want support for event in 2019)
    • TN (wants support for regional event)
    • San Diego, CA (FOSS4GNA)
  • [24] Create a membership list section of wiki and get 20 people to add themselves to the list
  • [00] Create a discussion list and get 20 people to sign up
  • [00] Create an announcement list and get 50 people to sign up

Support US OSGeo community with education and outreach events and program

  • [X] Support US community in participating in FOSS4G 2018
  • [01] Support 3 Community Events in the US
    • OSGeo.US supported the FOSS4GNA_Code_Sprint_2018 by paying for a venue for sprint participants, making this event possible for the national OSGeo community that was able to participate.
  • [00] Support 3 Local Chapters in the US through the recognition process


Past Meetings


Past Events

  • Please join us at foss4gna for our first f2f meeting!

Email list



Randal Hale

Kurt Menke

Michele Tobias

Keith Jenkins

Guido Stein

Josh Rosenthal

Kayla Patel

Chris Marx

Erik Friesen

Carl Anderson

Helena Mitasova

Nathan Saylor

David Bitner

Rachel Stevenson

Michael Terner

Bill Dollins

Doug Newcomb

Vaclav Petras

Tom Mueller

Anna Petrasova

Justyna Jeziorska

Will Reckling

Kellyn Montgomery

Garrett Millar