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Our Mission

The mission of the Marketing Committee is to spread word and build a strong brand to enhance recognition of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, foundation projects, and the use of open source in geospatial applications in general. We do this by:

Committee Logistics

The official committee web site is this Wiki. It is also the work place to organize events and create documents. Stable versions are available for download at the OSGeo web site, find the corresponding descriprions in the Library.

List of Ole'VisCom Members

Members of Ex-VisCom, please move your name to the new home of the Marketing Committee to show your continued interest and support.

Press Releases

The Marketing Committee oversees the issuing of press releases for the Foundation (Press Release Process). Got some news you think is worthy of an OSGeo press release, or want to help translate some text? Let us know! Past press releases:

Event Coordination

The Marketing Committee is responsible the Foundation's presence trade shows, conferences, workshops, etc. We can coordinate the booth, supply materials, arrange for speakers, etc. Please see out Event Management page for more information.

Upcoming events are listed on the Category:Events page by adding the Category to the corresponding page.

Open Issues

We have access to a trac system as task-management tool but are curently not actively using it.


It was planned to create an extensive library of presentations, white papers and other materials in the OSGeo Library at Find more descriptions and links on the Library Page of this Wiki and get in contact through the Marketing Mailing List if you need anything that you cannot find in the library.