Google Summer of Code 2024 Accepted

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Accepted Proposals

This year OSGeo accepted 8 contributors working on the following projects:

Project Logo Community Project Student Primary mentor Secondary mentor(s) Wiki page Repository
pgRouting Implementing Brandes Betweenness Algorithm from Boost Graph Library Arun Thakur Vicky Vergara Ashish Kumar, Regina Obe, Rahul Chauhan
istSOS istSOSμ support for STAC Chetan Mahajan Daniele Strigaro Massimiliano Cannata
GRASS GIS Parallelization of existing tools in GRASS GIS Chung-Yuan Liang Huidae Cho Vaclav Petras, Māris Nartišs
ZOO-Project Advancing the ZOO-Project testing capabilities Dhruv Mehta Sandeepan Dhoundiyal Gérald Fenoy, Rajat Shinde
istSOS istSOS support for data array extension Filippo Finke Massimiliano Cannata Daniele Strigaro
GRASS GIS Add EODAG support to GRASS GIS Hamed Ashraf Luca Delucchi Veronica Andreo, Stefan Blumentrath
GRASS GIS OSGeo Grass: Add JSON output to different tools in C juno Corey White Vaclav Petras
GRASS GIS Improve GRASS user experience in Jupyter Notebook Riya Saxena Anna Petrasova Corey White