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== Participant's Feedbacks ==
== Participant's Feedbacks ==
* [[Paris_Code_Sprint_2016_:_Feedback|Participant's Feedback]]
* [[Paris_Code_Sprint_2016_:_Feedback|Participant's Feedbacks]]
== Thanks ==
* [[Paris_Code_Sprint_2016_:_Thanks|Thanks]]
[[Category:Code Sprints]]
[[Category:Code Sprints]]
[[Category:C Tribe Code Sprint]]
[[Category:C Tribe Code Sprint]]

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TOSPrint Paris 2016

Gold Sponsors




Silver Sponsors


Planet Labs

Bronze Sponsors







Venue Sponsor

Mozilla Foundation

Other/in-kind sponsors




Bring together project members to make decisions and tackle larger geospatial problems as in previous years:

Dates and Times


  • Welcome event: evening of Mon, Feb 22 (see below)
  • Sprint: Tues, Feb 23 - Fri, Feb 26 (4 days), from 9h30 till 19h00


To be noticed: For security reason, you have to be registered (on this Wiki page) to be allowed to enter in Mozilla place.

We could use three kind of spaces:

  1. The main code sprint room (with seats and tables, video projection, paperboard)
  2. A "bar" room, just beside the main one (for meals, breaks, T-Time...)
  3. Meeting room (allowing group to talk without making too many noise in the main room)

Few rules to follow:

  1. Keep in mind to carefully close Mozilla outside door (aim is to not allow any outsider to get in).
  2. No meal, nor drink in the main sprint room (plain water is tolerated).
  3. Don't waste Internet bandwith (as we share all the same Wifi connection).
  4. Food and drinks are available in the bar room, you could use freely OSGeo ones (but not Mozilla ones).
  5. As others events could be organized on evening, we could so be asked to tidy the main room before we leave.


Sylvain Beorchia will be on the sprint on D3 (Thursday), with a graphic design focus.

(He designed this Code Sprint logo, yeah the chicken one, and this other OSGeo event one http://osgeo.asso.fr/foss4gfr-2016/ or Oslandia logo among others... )

If you’re interested to got a (new) clean and fresh logo for you project, just say it so:

  • Paul Norman (couple potential projects)
  • Luca Delucchi


Feb 22 aka Welcoming Event

Feb 23 aka First Sprint Evening

Feb 24 aka OSGeo Event @MozillaParis

Feb 25 aka Last Sprint Evening

Project Plans

(i.e what do you wish/want/plan to work on during the sprint ?)

Break ideas

If you need to take a break, some ideas close to the sprint place:






We are planning for attendance of ~50. Please add your name and the projects you are planning to sprint and note the likeliness of your attendance.

# Participant Country Organization Arrival Departure Project Work on Attendance / Notes
1 Olivier Courtin FR Oslandia first day last day PostgreSQL/PostGIS, TinyOWS Definite
2 Angelos Tzotsos GR Athena RC, NTUA first day last day OSGeo-Live, pycsw, OTB Booked
3 Stephan Meissl AT Eox first day last day MapServer Booked
# Markus Schütz AT first day last day Potree Interested but unlikely can't make it :(
4 Michael Smith US US Army Corps of Engineers first day last day PDAL / MapServer Booked - Hotel Aston
5 Howard Butler US Hobu first day last day PDAL / MapServer Booked
6 Luca Delucchi IT Fondazione Edmund Mach first day last day GRASS, OSGeo-Live Booked
7 Even Rouault FR Spatialys first day last day GDAL, MapServer, Proj.4? Definite
8 Mateusz Łoskot PL Cadcorp first day last day PDAL, GDAL Booked
9 Daniel Morissette CA MapGears first day last day MapServer, GDAL/OGR Booked
# Ian Turton UK first day last day GeoTools, GeoServer, GeoNetwork? likely if any others from Java tribe appear Have to work :-(
10 Adrien André FR first day last day GRASS Very likely
11 Jérémy Gaillard FR Oslandia first day last day iTowns Definite
12 Thomas Bonfort FR Terriscope first day last day MapServer Definite
13 Vincent Picavet FR Oslandia first day last day PostGIS/3D viz & streaming Definite
14 Hugo Mercier FR Oslandia first day last day PostGIS/SFCGAL Definite
15 Vincent Mora FR Oslandia first day third day PostGIS/SFCGAL, iTowns Definite
16 Oscar Martinez Rubi SP Netherlands eScience Center first day last day Potree / PDAL Booked
17 Maarten van Meersbergen NL Netherlands eScience Center first day last day Potree / PDAL Booked
18 Andrew Bell US first day last day PDAL Booked
19 Martin Isenburg DE rapidlasso first day last day LASzip / QGIS Booked
20 Connor Manning US first day last day PDAL/Potree Booked
21 Victor Poughon FR CNES first day third day Orfeo-toolbox Booked
22 Bruno Friedmann CH Ioda-net First day Last day Mapserver, Postgis, Potree Definite
23 Julien Enselme FR Ioda-net First day Last day Mapserver, Postgis, Potree Definite
24 Yann Chemin FR IWMI first day last day GRASS Definite
25 Rob Emanuele US Azavea first day last day GDAL (https://git.io/vzZQJ) Likely
26 Paul Blottiere FR Oslandia First day Last day PGPointCloud Booked
27 Paul Ramsey CA CartoDB First day Last day PostGIS Booked
28 Guillaume Pasero FR CS First day Third day Orfeo ToolBox Booked
29 Rémi Cura FR Thales/IGN First day Last Day PostGIS?/PGPointCloud?/PDAL?/Potree? Booked
30 Julien Rouhaud FR Dalibo First day Last Day PostgreSQL/PostGIS Highly Likely
31 Sebastien Loriot FR GeometryFactory Second day Third Day CGAL Highly Likely
32 Ronan Dunklau FR Dalibo First day Last Day PostgreSQL/PostGIS Highly Likely
33 Tom van Tilburg NL Geodan First day Last Day PostGIS (docs)/pgpointcloud Booked
34 Dan Baston US Maponics First day Last Day PostGIS Booked
35 Lars Schylberg SE Saab AB First day Last day MapServer(doc/demo) Booked - Hotel Astotel
36 Maxence Ahlouche FR First day Last Day PostgreSQL/PostGIS Highly Likely
37 Fabian Schindler AT Eox First day Last Day MapServer/EOxServer Highly Likely
38 Lars Lingner DE First day Last Day MapServer/(doc/demo/translation) Booked
39 Seth Girvin IR Compass First day (At least) Second Day MapServer Highly Likely
40 Mickael Borne FR IGN First day Last Day PostGIS/SFCGAL Definite
41 Guiseppe Broccolo IT 2nd Quadrant First day Last Day PostgreSQL/PostGIS Highly Likely
42 Marc Ducobu BE Champs Libre First day Last Day PostgreSQL/PostGIS Highly Likely
43 Paul Norman CA CartoDB First day Last Day PostgreSQL/PostGIS Booked
44 Nicolas Ribot FR First day Last Day PostgreSQL/PostGIS Highly Likely
45 Mathieu Brédif FR IGN First day 2nd Day (at least) PGPointCloud/Potree/itowns Definite
46 Quoc Dinh Nguyen FR IGN First day Last Day Potree/itowns Definite
47 Regina Obe US Paragon Most First day 2nd Day (at least) PostGIS / GDAL / OGR_FDW Booked
48 Leo Hsu US Paragon Most First day 2nd Day (at least) PostGIS / GDAL / OGR_FDW Booked
49 Emmanuel Habets FR IGN 2nd day Last day PostGIS/QGIS Booked
50 Ludovic Delauné FR Oslandia First Day 2nd Day PostGIS/PGPointCloud Definite
51 Axel Haustant FR Etalab first day last day PyCSW Definite
52 Sylvain Beorchia FR Oslandia third day third day Graphical Design Definite



If you want to play, we also open a Paris urban photos contest. Weird and arty points of view are welcome ! On Flickr tag is: ParisCodeSprint2016Urban


Participants should plan for the following costs:

  • Travel to Paris
  • Accommodation for four nights (including breakfast)

All other costs - food, outings and entertainment - should/will be covered by the sponsors

Hotel and co

Center of Paris is indeed quite small, the sprint place quite central, and metro network quite dense.
So no special need to be that close from the sprint place (anywhere else in Paris could also be fine, with less than 30-45' by tube).

However, nice hotels, quite close to the sprint place:

A common way to find a discounted room in Paris is to use: booking.com

Paris is also well known to became an AirBNB city.
Could be so a way to share (big) flat, among some sprinters.

And there's also hostels, for those who want/need to find a cheaper hosting solution.

Individual preparation

  • Bring your own laptop
  • Install GIT and compiler tools, and come with a working development environment
  • For North American folks take an European power adapter, for Swiss and Italian ones depends on ground slot ( http://wikitravel.org/en/File:Plugs.png )
  • If your laptop need it, video export adapter to DVI and/or VGA
  • Optional: something to take pictures (camera, smartphone, small tablet...)


We have three sponsorship levels:

  • Gold: >= 2500 €
  • Silver: 1500 €
  • Bronze: 750 €

We encourage sponsors to support nutriment and entertainment for the sprinters as they work hard and play hard for four or five productive days. Contributions will be put towards lunch, snacks, and dinner costs for the sprinters, and potentially bringing in sprinters who might otherwise be unable to attend. Any surplus at the end of the event will be turned over to OSGeo or used for a future code sprint.

Sponsors will receive the following honors:

  • Your logo at the top of this page
  • Mention in all of our public communication
  • Our undying gratitude, which comes in handy when you least expect it (Remember that feature you wanted...)
  • And as extra, for Silver and Gold: Kakemono in the event room (if you provide it)

To sponsor, please contact Olivier Courtin (olivier dot courtin at oslandia dot com) directly.

Participant's Feedbacks