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* [[Board Meeting 2013-02-26]] 18.00 UTC
* [[Board Meeting 2013-02-26]] 18.00 UTC
* [[Board Meeting 2013-01-17]] 20.00 UTC
* [[Board Meeting 2013-01-17]] 20.00 UTC
* [[Board Meeting 2012-12-13]] 20.00 UTC
* [[Board Meeting 2012-11-22|Board Meeting 2012-11-15]] 20.00 UTC
* [[Board Meeting 2012-10-11]] 3.00 UTC
* [[Board Meeting 2012-09-13]] 12.00 UTC
* [[Board Meeting 2012-08-20]] 20.00 UTC
* [[Board Meeting 2012-08-09]]
* [[Board Meeting 2012-07-12]]
* [[Board Meeting 2012-06-07]]
* [[Board Meeting 2012-05-10]]
* [[Board Meeting 2012-04-19]]
* [[Board Meeting 2012-03-22]]
* [[Face to Face Meeting Seattle 2012]] 2012-02-04 and 2012-02-05
== Meeting Archive ==
== Meeting Archive ==
[[:Category:Board_Meetings_2011|2011]] - [[:Category:Board_Meetings_2010|2010]] - [[:Category:Board_Meetings_2009|2009]] - [[Board Meetings 2008|2008]] - [[Board Meetings 2007|2007]] - [[Board Meetings 2006|2006]] - [http://www.osgeo.org/content/foundation/meetings/board/board_meetings.html Earlier].
[[:Category:Board_Meetings_2012|2012]] - [[:Category:Board_Meetings_2011|2011]] - [[:Category:Board_Meetings_2010|2010]] - [[:Category:Board_Meetings_2009|2009]] - [[Board Meetings 2008|2008]] - [[Board Meetings 2007|2007]] - [[Board Meetings 2006|2006]] - [http://www.osgeo.org/content/foundation/meetings/board/board_meetings.html Earlier].
== Documents ==
== Documents ==

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OSGeo Foundation Board of Directors

The board is elected by the Charter members as outlined in the Board Election Procedure.

Period: August 2012 - July/August 2014

  • Anne Ghisla - Berlin, Germany (Central European Time UTC +2h)
  • Jeff McKenna - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (Atlantic Time UTC - 3h)
  • Daniel Morissette - Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada (US Eastern Time UTC - 4h)
  • Cameron Shorter - Sydney, Australia (Australian Eastern Time UTC + 10h)
  • Frank Warmerdam - Mountain View, California, USA (US Pacific Time UTC - 7h)

Period: September 2013 - August 2015

More detailed information is available in the Board Member Profiles.

Meeting timeslots

Meeting Planner


Next meeting


Previous meetings

Meeting Archive

2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - Earlier.


Mailing list

The http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/board mailing list is used for most public board discussions. There is also a private board mailing list used only for matters that are considered needful to be kept private.

Previous OSGeo Foundation Boards of Directors

An interim Board of Directors with 5 members was elected on February 4th, 2006, by the initial members of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. On March 18th, 2006, the board has been completed to now total nine members:

Potential FAQ

Q: What do board members do?
A: http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Director_Responsibilities

Q: That doc doesn't say anything about meetings. How often to board members meet?
A: The foundation bylaws say the board meets after the after the annual members meeting and then at regular meetings on a schedule fixed by directors. In practice, the board schedules monthly meetings in addition to the annual face-to-face meeting after the AGM at the FOSS4G conference.

Q: How are board decisions made?
A: The bylaws (section 4.5) describe that a majority of members must be present for an event to be considered a meeting. At a meeting, each member present is given one vote. Strictly speaking (according to the bylaws) an affirmative vote by the majority of members present at a meeting constitutes a decision by the board. In practice, we don't consider a motion passed if there are any negative votes (TODO: document the +1, +0, -0, -1 voting procedure if needed).

Q: Is an IRC gathering a meeting?
A: The bylaws (section 4.4) say that an electronic medium may be used and an event will constitute a meeting if members can hear one another at the same time. In practice, we often have IRC meetings and then have a vote by voice if there are items that need voting on (TODO: document the convention on email voting if this is an alternative to voice voting).