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IMPORTANT: Charter member election: nomination period has ended

The list of nominees for the 2011 Charter Member Election is maintained by the Chief Returning Officer (cro at

To submit a charter member nominations please follow the process described in the Election_2011#Charter_Member_Election page.

Name Country Notes
Kwangwoo Nam Korea From: Sanghee Shin

I want to nominate Dr. Kwangwoo Nam[1] as an OSGeo Charter Member. He has been an active our chapter member since our chapter formation in 2008. As a professor at Kunsan University, he has accomplished many research projects successfully using open source GIS and also he did many things to increase the awareness of open source GIS & OSGeo especially in academia & research communities here in Korea. He published many research papers on open source GIS as well. He is currently involved in the research project called 'Development of trajectory & sensor data storing & retrieving system based on PostgreSQL/PostGIS'[2] His expertise in research & academia area could bring more energy to international OSGeo activities, I believe.

Minpa Lee Korea From: Sanghee Shin

I also would like to nominate Mr. Minpa Lee[1] as an OSGeo Charter Member. As an active Korean chapter member, he contributed almost sacrificing-like-things to our local chapter. Also as an excellent GIS programmer especially in Java and WPS area, he developed several JdbcDataStore[2] bridging GeoTools/GeoServer and some proprietary Korean DBMS. He is also involved in developing on-line open source GIS curriculum as well as developing open source based KOPSS(KOrean Planning Support System) [3] He translated many GeoTools/GeoServer related documents into Korean and shared them with other Korean people through his personal blog.[4] His energetic & enthusiastic efforts will give many things to OSGeo international.

Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses Spain From: Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas

I want to nominate Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses (1)(2) for the Charter Member election.

Pedro-Juan has been really active at OSGeo and specially OSGeo Spanish Language Local Chapter (OSGeo-es) for the last years. He is member of the Board of Directors of OSGeo-es and the Liason Officer between the LC and the Foundation since the beginning of the LC.

He is also giving a hand at our new group at Valencia area so his is workin from local to global, I think we need more active profiles like him at the Charter Membership, also to increase the voice of the Spanish spoken world at OSGeo.

I hope you consider my nomination, even after watching the video :-)

Suchith Anand UK From: Jo Cook

I would like to nominate Suchith Anand as an OSGeo Charter Member. His tireless enthusiasm in promoting OSGeo in the UK has been immensely beneficial to the UK chapter. His work to promote open source geospatial software use in education (see is of great importance and benefit to OSGeo globally. Furthermore, his work securing an MOU between OSGeo and the Centre for Geospatial Sciences at the University of Nottingham, and more recently with the International Cartographic Association should be recognised. Suchith is exactly the sort of pro-active, enthusiastic person that we need in OSGeo!

Brian Case USA - Oregon From: Brian Hamlin (Darkblue_b)

Brian Case is always known as winkey on IRC. He is a GDAL committer, writing the LibKML OGR driver. Winkey has processed and made freely available the only known complete set of US NAIP Ariel Imagery as a community resource; built an open source weather visualization tool and has built many high performance imagery pipelines. Winkey regularly volunteers in emergency response situations, including excellent work on Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti Earthquake.

Winkey is currently working on an open source MODIS imagery processing pipeline, and continues to be active in weather tech.

Sanghee Shin Korea From: Arnulf Christl

I have the pleasure of nominating Mr. Sanghee Shin [1] [2] from Korea as new OSGeo Charter Member.

Sanghee has come a long way with Open Source, first using GRASS during his studies, later coming back to image processing and now using, promoting and developing it in his own company. He is founding member of the OSGeo Korean Local Chapter [3] [4] a prominent organization with 180 registered members (10/2011) and a lively community [5]. This year the Local Chapter presentes OSGeo with a booth at SmartKorea 2011 [6], the Korean trade fair for geospatial software, data and surveying. Booth space and equipment was kindly provided by Mr. Shin's company GRIDA [7].

This fall the OSGeo Local Chapter of Korea organized their first FOSS4G Local Chapter event [8] in Seoul, again under the lead of Sanghee. Mori-san, Yoshida-san from the FOSS4G Japan Local Chapter Chapter and myself were invited to give keynote presentations at the event with about 60 attendees and a dozen presentations about software, business models and use cases.

Mr. Shin will be a great addition to the Charter Membership, invigorate our Asian connection and help to spread word and raise interest in our next FOSS4G in Beijing which is more or less just around the corner (at least seen from here...).

Luca Delucchi Italy From: Anne Ghisla

I would like to nominate Luca Delucchi [0] as Charter Member.

For years, he's an active promoter of open source GIS and open data. He is power user, contributor and translator for GRASS GIS, QGIS, Mapnik, and webGIS developer using open source tools. He is one of the major OpenStreetMap contributors and promoters in Italy [1,2] and is member of (Italian OSGeo local chapter). Luca gives presentations and courses on open source geospatial topics all around Italy.

His contributions for the widespread adoption and improvement of open source geospatial software, together with endless perseverance in promoting data openness, make him a valuable candidate for charter membership.

Vincent Picavet France From: Christophe TUFFERY

I'm pleased to invite you to vote for Vincent Picavet (France) to become a Chapter Member for 2011.

Vincent has been involved in OSGeo francophone local chapter since its creation. He is currently the chapter's treasurer. GIS expert, he contributes to PostGIS and spread the word on OpenSource GIS in various conferences. He founded Oslandia in 2009 with Olivier Courtin, to provide services around OpenSource GIS, especially PostGIS and OGC webservices. Vincent organized the first francophone QGIS meeting in Paris in late 2011, gathering more than 100 people.

Eric Lemoine France From: Bart van den Eijnden

I have the pleasure to nominate Eric Lemoine as a charter member for OsGeo.

Eric is a developer and PSC member of many OsGeo projects:

  • OpenLayers
  • GeoExt
  • MapFish

He is a leading figure in those communities, and a master in JavaScript and Python.

Eric is a software engineer / technical leader at CampToCamp in France, one of leading companies in open source geospatial.

Yoicihi Kayama Japan From: Venkatesh Raghavan

It gives me great please to nominate Yoicihi Kayama as Charter Member. He is one of the most active members of OSGeo.JP. He has participated/contributed immensely to the local/international FOSS4G Community. Some of his major contributions are as below;

  1. Japanese translation of QGIS and promoting QGIS to local governments in Japan.
  2. Developing QGIS plugin for emergency routing for flood disaster
  3. Regular and dedicated participation in FOSS4G conferences and Code Sprints
  4. Initiating Special Interest Group in Japan Association of GIS
  5. Inspiring Lightning talks at FOSS4G events in Japan
  6. Mentoring young developers in getting started with FOSS4G tools
  7. Excellent skills in multicultural communication
  8. Contributing to other communities such as OSM and, PostgreSQL.JP etc.
  9. For just being a nice guy.
Xianfeng Song China From: Gerald Fenoy

I'm pleased to nominate Xianfeng Song for his implication in many ways into OSGeo that you know but I will briefly remind here.

First, he invest many time and efforts in spreading knowledge and promoting OSGeo in the lessons he give at the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and in conferences he attend. He join many FOSS4G conferences where he can present his advanced work and research projects he made using the OSGeo Technologies. He know well OSGeo and he is nice to speak with by always sharing many ideas about OSGeo. He is sharing knowledge by handling many collaboration research involving OSGeo Projects. He is a member of the very active OSGeo China Local Chapter. He organize many workshops and conferences in China where he always invite OSGeo people from all over the world to join and present OSGeo and its Technologies. The next one in which he will be involved is the FOSS4G 2012 which will be held in Beijing.

You should consider his election as an OSGeo Charter Member.

Dirk Frigne Belgium From: Bart van den Eijnden

I have the pleasure to nominate Dirk Frigne for OSGeo charter membership.

Dirk is an entrepreneur in open source geospatial from Belgium, a business leader. He is the founder of the company called Geosparc, which is the main company behind the OSGeo project Geomajas. Dirk is also the community manager for Geomajas. Geosparc regularly has a booth at the FOSS4G conferences.

Furthermore Dirk is secretary of FLAGIS, the Flemish association for geographic information systems and chairman of the geGIS round table, a discussion forum of Flemish GIS users and developers, interested in the use of OSS solutions for governmental open source business cases.

I think Dirk with his business experience would be a valuable addition to OSGeo.

Martin Daly UK From: Mateusz Loskot

I would like to nominate Martin Daly (IRC:mpdaly) as OSGeo Charter Member. Martin is the technical director (CTO) of Cadcorp.

Martin has long-standing experience in development of geospatial software and development, and adoption of open standards for geospatial under his belt.

Martin has used and supported numerous open source software projects. Martin led Cadcorp to offer first implementation of PostGIS by a GIS vendor, to become a GDAL/OGR Silver Sponsor, to contribute funds and time of Cadcorp development team to make the wheels of PostGIS Raster project spinning. PostgreSQL is also on not-a-short list of supported projects, as is GEOS.

Martin was one of the original members of the OGC Architecture Board. He was also the main author of the OpenGIS Coordinate Transformation Services Specification as well as participated in developing several other OpenGIS specifications. Martin is one of authors of the GeoJSON Format Specification and actively participates in future development of GeoJSON.

Martin is a member of the Advisory Board of the Open Source Geospatial Lab (OSGL) at the University of Nottingham Centre for Geospatial Science.

Martin also participates and leads Cadcorp involvement in the annual Benchmarking_2010.

I believe Martin Daly's experience and contributions make him a valuable candidate for the OSGeo Charter Member.

Maning Sambale Philippines From: Arnulf Christl

I have the honor of nominating Maning Sambale from the Phillippines as new OSGeo Charter Member.

Maning works in the research institution ESSC in the Philippines and is involved with environmental research with local marginalized communities. He uses all kinds of FOSS4G technologies in his day to day work and also promotes the use of Open Source geospatial tools among their local partners. Maning is active user of QGIS and GRASS and also an active community member of OSM.

He is a founding member of the emerging OSGeo Philippines Local Chapter and working on becoming a community as vibrant as in Japan and Korea among to support the Asian chapters. He will be a great addition to the Charter Membership bringing new perspectives to the community.

Recent publicly visible work includes a Presentation at SOTM 2011 in Denver, and a presentation at FOSS4G 2011 Tokyo. Maning's Blog is located at

Fernando Quadro Brazil From: Felipe dos Santos Costa

Since brazilian community was cited as an active group, and I'm not seeing till this moment any indication from Brazil, I'll start nominating Fernando Quadro.

He's very active in promoting OSGeo technologies here in Brazil and is great guy to work with. I have the pleasure to collaborate with him at FOSSGIS Brasil magazine ( and I can say he is terrific manager.

He founded the geoserver brazilian mailing list in 2007 and till today help new users with their problems. He also collaborate with projects like uDig (translating), Openlayers, Postgis, Mapserver... and have a blog where he promotes FOSSGIS stuff

I think he can help Brazilian Chapter finally be created if he becomes a Charter Member.

Tim Sutton South Africa From: Duarte Carreira

I would like to nominate Tim Sutton.

I’m probably not the best person to introduce Tim, but here goes. I know Tim mostly as Developer, Project Steering Committee member and project co-administrator of Quantum GIS, from his educational materials (Gentle Introduction to GIS excellent videos come to mind), great blog posts, active community building activities, and using open source in his projects. I think Tim is one of the main promoters of open source gis today.

I think he is based in South Africa, so the plea to diversify charter members geographically is also catered for.

Margherita Di Leo Italy Anne Ghisla

I'd like to nominate Margherita Di Leo, aka madi [0], as Charter Member.

Margherita is about to complete her PhD program in hydrology and for her daily work uses and teaches geospatial open source software and develops GRASS GIS in particular. She is an active and enthusiast promoter of the benefits of open source over proprietary software in research. She constantly helps university students in the installation of OSGeo software on various platforms, and promotes OSGeo Live, even overseas! [1]. She participated as student at the GSoC program 2011 with OSGeo/GRASS GIS.

She is involved in several activities to promote open source, organizing conferences such as Linux Day within the Linux User Group, giving talks on the topic of geospatial open source software. Since 2009 she is active member of, the Italian OSGeo local chapter, and is currently involved in the organising committee of GFOSSDAY 2011 [2, in Italian].

I believe she would be a great asset for OSGeo, as a contributor, enthusiastic promoter as well as a further step towards fair gender representation within OSGeo!

Nicolas Bozon France From: Markus Neteler

I would like to nominate Nicolas Bozon:

Nicolas Bozon is specialized in design of GUIs for FOSS4G based applications, he has contributed to various FOSS4G projects and used OSGeo tools for scientific research projects. He actively promoted OSGeo during many trainings and workshops in France and participates actively in national and international conferences (OSGeo fr + jp + th, ...), giving talks and teaching workshops. Nicolas has contributed in several ways to OSGeo such as conducting workshops at FOSS4G events, regularly participating in FOSS4G as well as active participation code sprints. His work has led popularizing the WPS standard around the world and paved way for the next generation GIS on the Cloud.

Massimo Di Stefano Italy From: Mark Lucas

I'd like to nominate Massimo Di Stefano for OSGeo charter membership.

Massimo has been an active contributor and integrator of OSGeo projects. He participated in the Google Summer of Code project as a student developer for OSSIM and later acted as a mentor for another gsoc project. He helped set up the OSGeo booth and manned it during the OSGeo/foss4g conference in Denver. He is a very energetic, enthusiastic promoter of our projects.

Evans Ikua Kenya From: Franz-Josef Behr

I would like to nominate

Evans Ikua [1]

from Kenya as new OSGeo Charter Member.

He is

  • very engaged in promoting OS based business development in Africa
  • Liaison Person for East Africa at Free & Open Source Software Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA)
  • Partner for the ict@innovation project [2], sponsored by GIZ (Former inWent - the German Capacity Building Foundation)
  • Member of the Kenya Bureau of Standards technical committee on IT Security Techniques, the Kenyan ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27 mirror committee

Evans has contributed a keynote speech at AGSE 2011 and valuable input at the FOSS special interest group meeting at AGSE 2011 in Nairobi.

[1] [2]

Even Rouault France From: Tamas Szekeres

I hereby nominate Even Rouault as an OSGeo charter member.

Even has been contributing to various software projects promoted by OSGeo (ie. GDAL, MapServer, Proj.4, libgeotiff, shapelib, libtiff) since 2006. He is a commiter of MapServer and GDAL, the maintainer of various drivers, the Java bindings and the member of the Project Steering Committee of GDAL since 2007. Even has already demonstrated his expertise and deep knowledge in the projects he is working on and he also provide valuable support for the users and developers on the related mailing lists, IRC channels and the trac. In addition to provide community support by fixing various issues throughout the entire project, he is one of the greatest innovator providing new functionalities and authoring several new drivers in GDAL/OGR, you've probably already utilized these in the related OSGeo projects as well.

In addition to his development work, Even is also a leading figure in the QA testing of GDAL by increasing the test coverage of it's Python test suite. Let us consider to appreciate his work by electing him as a charter member!

Luiz Motta Brazil From: Fernando Quadro

My Indication:

  • Luiz Motta (BR): By your work in QGIS Brazilian and international community.

The Brazilian community has grown a lot, but I believe that Brazilians most active in the community dont are linked to the OSGeo. It is important that Brazilians are participate in OSGeo, so that the Brazilian chapter can become a reality.

George Silva Brazil From: Fernando Quadro

My Indication:

  • George Silva (BR): By your work in PostGIS Brazilian and international community.

The Brazilian community has grown a lot, but I believe that Brazilians most active in the community dont are linked to the OSGeo. It is important that Brazilians are participate in OSGeo, so that the Brazilian chapter can become a reality.

Robert Anderson Brazil From: Fernando Quadro

My Indication:

  • Robert Anderson (BR): The creation and maintenance of the library OL4JSF.

The Brazilian community has grown a lot, but I believe that Brazilians most active in the community dont are linked to the OSGeo. It is important that Brazilians are participate in OSGeo, so that the Brazilian chapter can become a reality.

Edmar Moretti Brazil From: Fernando Quadro

My Indication:

  • Edmar Moretti (BR): The creation and maintenance of the library i3Geo.

The Brazilian community has grown a lot, but I believe that Brazilians most active in the community dont are linked to the OSGeo. It is important that Brazilians are participate in OSGeo, so that the Brazilian chapter can become a reality.

G.Hanumantha Rao India From: Ravi Kumar

It is a pleasure to nominate G.Hanumantha Rao a Scientist of Indian Space organisation (NRSC Hyderabad).

G.Hanumantha Rao is a very active supporter of OSGeo and is one of the founding members of OSGeo India. Being pivotal in scheduling meetings of OSGeo India during the formative years, he has added OSGeo India with many active members. He encouraged use of FOSS4G tools resulting in 'Bhuvan' an application for Indian scenes. He is among the front-runners of Indian space applications with decades of experience.

Voting for G.Hanumantha Rao will see a dedicated space scientist, among the lot of OSGeo Charter members.

G.Hanumantha Rao's Email id: hanumantharao_g at

Jachym Cepicky Czech Republic From: Helena Mitasova

I would like to nominate Jachym Cepicky from Czech Republic:

He is best known as the developer of PyWPS showing great performance at the Denver FOSS4G WPS shootout

In addition to his impressive development work, he has been active particiapnt at open source geospatial meetings, conferences and code sprints including FOSS4G, leading workshops and tutorials, giving presentations and participating in the shootout.

He works for Help Service Remote Sensing which has been implementing geospatial services using Open source geospatial technology in Central Europe. He has extensive Web GIS experience building Applications using UMN MapServer, GeoServer, GRASS GIS, ExtJS, OpenLayers, PyWPS, an others.

His experience, enthusiasm and activism make him a great candidate for the OSGeo charter member. And we still don't have anybody from the Czech republic which has a very active open source geospatial community.

Stephen Woodbridge USA From: Dan Putler and Daniel Kastl

We, Dan Putler and Daniel Kastl, are nominating Stephen Woodbridge to be a Charter Member of OSGeo. We have both worked with Steve as part of a project team, Daniel Kastl on pgRouting and Dan Putler on PAGC. We have both found him to be an outstanding colleague and important contributor to these projects.

Steve is one of the original, and on going, members of the Project Steering Committee of the MapServer Project. He is also a member of the Project Steering Committees of pgRouting and PAGC. In addition, he has acted for several years as a mentor to Google Summer of Code students who have worked on OSGeo Summer of Code projects.

In addition to the projects he is directly involved in, Steve has been a important contributor to the user mailing lists of several other projects. We feel his helpfulness to other participants on the PostGIS-Users mailing list is particularly noteworthy, but he is an important (and helpful) contributor to other lists as well.

Given his contributions to geospatial FOSS software and users of that software, we believe that Steve would be a worthy Charter Member of OSGeo.

Gabriel Roldán Argentina From: Mauricio Miranda

I would like to nominate Gabriel Roldán.

Gabriel is core developer for Geosever and Geotools and has been involved in FOSS4G since 2003 (or even before).

He also has collaborated with gvSIG and some other projects.

I really think he is one of the most important FOSS4G developers from the spanish-speaking community.

Martin Landa Czech Republic From: Anne Ghisla

I have the pleasure to nominate Martin Landa [0] for OSGeo charter membership.

Martin is a PhD student at Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, study program Geodesy and Cartography, and he also teaches open source GIS and programming. He's well known for his long time contribution to GRASS GIS and GDAL. He participated with success to Google Summer of Code both as student and as mentor of GRASS projects.

Among important geospatial events in Prague, he organised the first GRASS community sprint [1] that was a great success!

I believe Martin's experience and contributions make him a valuable candidate for charter membership.

Lluís Vicens Spain From: Santiago Higuera

I would like to nominate Lluis Vicens [1], as a candidate in the forthcoming Charter Member election of OSGeo.

Lluis' strong commitment and the importance of his contributions to de development and promotion of FOSS4G are well known. Some of his "merits" are:

1) Member of the SIGTE [2] project team (Girona University GIS and remote sensing service). There is a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between OSGeo and SIGTE [3] since September 2011.

2) Coordinator and organizer of the "Jornadas de SIG Libre" (Libre GIS days), which are held every year since 2007 at the University of Girona [4]. The 'Jornadas de GIS Libre' of Girona is one of the most important annual international FOSS4G events and the most important Spanish FOSS4G one.

3) Lluis tutors some of the modules of the prestigious UNIGIS courses organized by the University of Girona every year since 1999 [5] and teaches FOSS4G courses at the international University of Girona Summer School, and also through "FormaSIG, the free GIS Learning Platform" [7].

4) He is one of the founders and one of the most active members of OSGeo-es, the Spanish-speaking local chapter of OSGeo.

Therefore, I think that promoting Lluis up to a OSGeo charter membership role would be of worth to the OSGeo community.

Eli Adam USA From: David Percy

I'd like to nominate Eli Adam to be a charter member. Eli has been active in the OSGEO in many ways, including the Journal, Marketing, and a few others that I wasn't even aware of until recently.

He has been absolutely instrumental in getting our local chapter, PDX-OSGEO (Oregon, SW-Washington area) into incubation status at OSGEO, and generally plays a leadership role.

He also actively participates in several open source gis projects, and works for municipal government bringing open source solutions as often as possible/practical.

Dr. Franz-Josef Behr Germany From: Arnulf Christl

Dr. Behr teaches FOSS for gesopatial software and geodata (obviously including OpenStreetMap) since he started to as professor of Geoinformatics 9 years ago.

He is founder of the SUAD MapServer project, and

He is current president of the AGSE conferences which includes a dedicated Open Source geospatial track. AGSE is an interdisciplinary, international forum for sharing knowledge about the application of Geoinformatics with focus on application and on developing countries. This year it took place from 15. - 19. August in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr. Behr will be a valuable member of the OSGeo Charter from the academic world with a functioning Open Source environment for education and strong ties in the developing world.

Bob Basques USA From: Steve Lime

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to nominate Bob Basques as an OSGeo charter member. Bob works for the City of St. Paul and has long been a user and advocate of free and open source software and data. He is the founder of the GeoMOOSE project ( an increasingly popular client environment that leverages other projects such as MapServer and Open Layers.

Bob has been a frequent contributor in local (Twin Cities MapServer Group), state (MN GIS/LIS) and global (FOSS4G) events, doing presentations and delivering workshops.

Most importantly, Bob’s an idea guy, someone that every organization needs. He is always thinking of new ways to use FOSS software and data to solve day-to-day business needs. Those ideas have had an impact not only the software he has developed, but also the software he makes use of. I’m grateful for his input over the years.

In short, I think Bob would be value addition to the OSGeo charter membership ranks.