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The Conference Committee is the official committee of OSGeo responsible for operating the annual FOSS4G conferences.

Noteworthy Documents

FOSS4G Handbook

  • FOSS4G Handbook (provides guidance to future FOSS4G and FOSS4G related events, based upon the collective wisdom gained during prior events)

Past Conference Reports

Past conference reports are detailed at Past FOSS4G Reports


  • facilitate the hosting application/decision process
  • assist the conference local organizing committees in planning
  • make sure OSGeo foundation principles exist in all conferences
  • possibly support other affiliated conferences
  • 2016 priorities are summarised in Conference Committee 2016 Priorities

Other Responsibilities

  • The Sol Katz Award is no longer awarded by the Conference Committee. The previous Sol Katz recipients form a committee that does that. The Conference Committee's role is to ensure that the FOSS4G RFP and event includes a prominent space for the presentation of the award.

Current Members

Past Members


  • Meetings occur in IRC in the #foss4g channel (on or by other means organized on the email list. Meetings are infrequent.
  • See the Conference Committee Meetings page for information about the committee's meetings. The meetings page has some historical notes but is not current.

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2012 Pages

Main page: FOSS4G 2012

  • RFP (OpenOffice, pdf)
  • budget template (OpenOffice)
  • Important dates:
    • Letters of Intent (Stage 1) due: 2011-06-30 (23:00 UTC)
    • Stage 1 question period: 2011-06-30 to 2011-07-07
    • Stage 1 decision: 2011-07-07
    • Proposals (Stage 2) due: 2011-08-01 (23:00 UTC)
    • Stage 2 question period: 2011-08-01 to 2011-08-05
    • Final decision: 2011-08-05

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